Thursday, September 5, 2013

Breathe Deep...Be Thankful!!!

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Sometimes Most times, You don't come through for me the way I want you to, but I've learnt that its okay cos the bottom line is...YOU ALWAYS COME THROUGH for me.

I look around and I'm amazed at how much you've been by my side every single day. 

I think of how I'm vexed that the friends I though would be an anchor, end up not being there..and then, I take a moment to reflect. That's when  I remember...

...The words of encouragements from that other friend... the "I just thought of you and decided to buzz" from the one I didn't even expect would carry me in her heart... the words of wisdom from the one who might not always be there to grab a cup of coffee but whose knees are always willing to bend in prayer with me.

I have them..These amazing women that color my life in many ways. We don't have much in common but i realize that in this season, they are my very special blessings from You. 

So like the picture above says...TODAY, I WILL BREATH DEEP AND BE THANKFUL ( No more pouts over not having my way, cos what is my way compared to yours? when life has daily taught me that in every single way, you've got me covered.

1000 GIfts - Joy Dare

16 - Thankful for the gift of amazing prayer partners

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