Monday, July 15, 2013

He Shows Up

We've all had our "Issac moment"...

...That moment when God asks us to let go of that one thing He gave us, that one thing we love with all our hearts  that one thing we feel we can't do without.

Hubby and I had a shared moment recently. We'd been praying for a change in levels career wise and increased income and then... BAM!!! Out of the blues, it happened. No hustling, no scheming, just plain God's favor.

There we were, on a high...praising this God who stepped in at just the right time, when, hubby had the leading one day during our quiet time to sow his first fruits.

It wasn't an issue. We had quite a buffer in our savings so we could swing by, but between an exorbitant exam fee for hubby, 5 visits to the mech to change major parts in the car, and other family obligations, our buffer was beginning to run thin.

To make things more interesting, my salary got slashed...some rather interesting office policy that left everyone rather confused and mad. Yet thanks to the fact that our "one man business" of a company does not have an employee handbook, there wasn't much we could do to contest it.

While driving one day, hubby asked me to help him calculate his first fruits. We got to realize that day that we both had differing views of what constituted a persons first fruits. 

To him it was the differential increase in income, to me it was all of the new income. Suffice to say, he felt at war within him after that conversation and felt the nudge to give it all. 

The day he signed the cheque, he said it was a struggle, but he heeded to the part of him that was at peace with his decision and went ahead, telling God the ball was now in His court.

That same day, I got a call for a new project... two days later he went in to negotiate and signed for both the job agreement and the receipt of a cheque for ANOTHER job the same client needed done ASAP.

A few weeks after, we got a deal on another job and the payment came in right on time...and this has been the trend through out this month. We have experienced God "provide for our needs" according to His own riches, not ours. He's been so amazing, we haven't even had the need to go back to our savings...its been awesome.

I guess each time He shows Himself faithful, I get excited, its something I don't think I can get used to, cos He keeps outdoing Himself.

So next time you have your Isaac moment...remember who He is. The one who says "I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for."...(Jer 29:11 MSG). That is the God we serve.

I stumbled on this as I was online this morning...I love the message...Have an amazing week people. xoxo

1000 GIfts - Joy Dare

14 - Thankful for the gift of provision 
15 - Thankful for the grace to walk in obedience