Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beautifying the little....cos its really big

An overheating car, a new nanny that had been of little or no help all day, a whole weekend of thorough spring cleaning (and my joints still testified to that)...I told myself I was justified as I sent out the BBM.

"Hey bro, so sorry but I cant make it...the car is overheating so have to try and fix it".

Well, I'm going to fix it, even if not today, its still not a lie. Its not advisable to take a kid out with a faulty car, what if it started over-heating again half way....and on and on, my mind tried to justify my decision, tried to squelch the slight guilt I felt stirring.

A few seconds later, he replied with "OK"...and that was it....or so I thought.

He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much.(Luke 16:10)

Those were the words from devotion this morning...and my unfaithfulness in the seeming small weight heavy on me. In all honesty, I could make it. If the invite had been different, if the expectations had been grander, I would have called up my cab guy, packed a bag for my lil' miss and headed over to do what I had earlier said I would do. But i felt "I could skip this and make next month instead, its not like its a do or die affair, they would understand".

And so today, I'm sending out this prayer from my heart.

Not just the big, but the little too, 
Not just the grande but the small as well.
I want to make the small glow, make it sparkle.
Make it much more than the earth may believe it is.

I want to be the one that you use to beautify the little places, 
The one that pours out heart and soul, everyday, every time, every task.
The one through whom the little becomes the big
The one who does this big task of making the small a thing of importance.
Just like it should be

Find me faithful in the little, Find me available for the small.

 1000 Gifts - Joy Dare
10- Thankful for the correction of a loving Father and Friend

11- Thankful for second chances
12- Thankful for the beauty of small beginnings

13- Thankful for the grace to be faithful