Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 30 - Excited Much

Yup...I'm excited, so I guess this post is apt.

Number one cause of excitement.....drum roll......

I made it to the end of the 30-day ( like I did it in 30 days)...abegi, I sha finished it, no be so? I honestly thought of giving up after I stopped half way last month, but decided to complete it, regardless of the time it would take me. 

Secondly, I started on a project but dropped it cos I just kept seeing flaws and imperfection. I'm realizing though that I've just been letting my fear of failure hold me back so here I am, re-discovering my passion and it feels all sorts of good. 

So I'm jumping back in, aware that it might not be as perfect as I hope but willing to try cos only then would I get better...;)

PS: I would share the details of this project sometime in the near future...I sure will 

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