Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 18 - Attention book lovers

What book(s) have you read that greatly impacted you and maybe changed your views on life?

Hmm, loads o, from "the art of war" to "The shofar blew" to "The threshing floor"..... The list is long o. But one book stands out, sadly, I can't remember the title.

My siblings and I got to read it way back when I was just getting into secondary school aka high school, we basically learnt the true meaning of forgiveness just by reading that book. We even coined the phrase "make lace in your heart", meaning allow the beauty that comes from forgiving grace your heart like a beautiful delicate piece of lace.

Here's a picture of my recent acquisitions, just got them today. Thanks to laterna ventures and terra kulture. Can't wait to dig in.

So how about you, what book(s) greatly impacted you and what are you reading now?


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  2. yay!!!...she got the
    oya do fast and come and share your gist ummm
    ive been reading too many books at the same time o, God help me. bad habit and i havent finished any of them
    these include:ted dekker's thunder of heaven, blink of an eye, kenneth's art of prayer, perretti's this present darkness, watchman nee's Sit Walk Stand and etc.
    i hope i get the chance to discipline myself and stop doing ojukokoro for books when i haven't finished the ones in my hand yet.lool

    1. I did, I did, I I'm still reading but I would definitely do a follow up post on it.

      I do that too you know (read several books at once) I don't think its bad jo, lets enjoy them the way we can ;).

      I should get into dekker's books someday, I've heard a lot but have never gotten round to reading any of his works...I LOVE perretti and Watchman Nee

  3. I have loads and loads of Antonyms of a Mirage, lol.

    Can you believe I am reading The shack at the moment? I believe I will be blessed by it.

    Cool choices of books, forget my bias oo. Lol

    1. You do??? shock...hahaha.

      Of course you do, you should :).

      I also believe I would be blessed, was hoping to finish it this weekend, but didn't get round to it.

      Cant wait to finish it and dive into Antonyms of a Mirage. Expect to hear from me soon :)