Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 2 - Girl next door

So day 2 questions the meaning behind my blog name.

I like to think its quite explicit, Lord help me if I'm

Its a blog that hopes to capture the depth of profound greatness in the simple things we do. 

It celebrates the everyday struggle, victory, laughter, tear, discovery....cos its in the accumulation of these experiences that we see profoundness being birth.

Its also a journey for me, through the different phases life has and is bringing me through. The hope is that as I live my life, and share a part of it, as simple and ordinary as it may seem, it'll be a source of encouragement to someone else . I believe so much in the beauty of the seeming ordinary things, cos I've learnt some big lessons from people I believed to be just....well....ordinary.

Also its a blog that hopes to show YOU, how amazing you are, right where you are.


  1. So, I found you!!!! hmn, am not following officially, but I just bookmarked it today :-D.

    You have to guess who I am,you have known me for about 16 years.

    We don't see much these days, but we can still gist.

    We hope to bring you heavy yams sometime in the future.

    Who am I???

    1. ATOKE!!!!! WHO ARE YOU OOO!!!! hahaha, I'm guessing a really good friend, and I hope I find out who you are pretty soon ;)

    2. Let me give you another clue, Daisy is precious to me! You should know me now o!

    3. Hmm, now that you mentioned Daisy, I have two guesses. Does your name (the short form of it) start with D or N?

  2. I love the way you can make the "simple", very veautiful