Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 12 - How I met .....Blogger

The first day I met you, it was “raining”, not in the physical sense but inside.

My heart was heavy with longing and I hated that I was bogged down by this, I needed to breathe... I needed to immerse myself in something that could take me away, even if for just a while from the realities of life. 

You did that for me, you helped me create a new world, a world in which I could get lost, a world in which I met a family I never knew I had, a world in which I finally found a way out of my storm.

My friendship with you led me to a lot of amazing relationships; three have stood out the most through the years. Rita, the soft spoken yet amazingly strict, yet sweet one, Enkay, the outspoken, strong and wise one, and Writefreak, the outgoing, warm and straight to the point one whose arms are always open...So many others, but these one strike a chord.
I met you, when I needed a place to hide away, a place to force myself to think of other things, I stuck with you because I found you could be more than a hiding place, with you, I could share the beauty of the journey called life.

We would part someday, but even then, I’d always be glad I met you...


  1. realy deep i love your sequencing please checkout my work

    ild follow you pls ff back. winks*

  2. this is beautiful jhazmyn!!...i love appreciations like this... and this also makes me remember how Aloted and i clicked thru divine intervention...Just when u need a friend, God gives you one you'd always appreciate and move ur life forward, most esp spiritually.
    ff u already...and i must say I LOVE YOUR BLOG..feels homey

  3. I am so glad I met blogger too
    My life has been the better for it.

    Bravo...on your 30 day blog challenge!

    Nice week dear.

  4. Awwww...glad i met you too dear. So you think i'm outgoing huh? Big hugs