Sunday, September 2, 2012

30-day Challenge - Day 1

I stumbled on this 30day challenge, I honestly don't remember where but somewhere along the line, I hope to put up the link. Its suppose to help you blog everyday for a month so lemme see how well I can do this :).

Day 1 :

A recent picture and 15 interesting facts about me.

1. I LOVE to dance, it invigorates me.

2. Singing is like eating to me, even without an audience I love to sing.

3. I've got a great sense of humor and I love to goof around.

4. I'm a sucker for deep relationships, I don't do a lot of casual relationships (I'm thinking I should change that).

5. I think I've said this before but I love playing dress up at home :).

6. My dream is to someday own a stream of businesses and partner with orphanages.

7. I love playing games, especially in the bedroom (that one is from the hubs, lol).

8. I love to push myself to the limits, kinda an off shoot from always trying to prove myself as a kid.

9. I know there are lots more bout me but I really dislike these things.

10. I hardly take things to heart, life is too beautiful to waste on petty offences, but if you hit a deep nerve, then we're sure to have "a talk"

11. I'll stop real soon.

12. Gosh, I almost left out the part of my family being the best, EVER.

13. Yipee, I'm almost done.

14. The person I love the most is the same person that annoys me the most, but I won't change that for the world.

15. I love life cos I love God and I saved this best for last :D


  1. blessings......
    Love to sing, Love God, love family. Three things in common, well actually four cause i love life too....

    stay blessed.

    1. thanks for coming by Rhapsody, i'm off to your's now, hopefully we'd find more things we have in common ;)

  2. Lol @ 9, 11, and 13. I have a friend who will tell you she does 2 as well. It makes her happy. That #14 ehn, it really frustrates me so much...sometimes I want to pull my hair out! As in one minute it's lovey dovey and the next minute it can be the exact opposite. I guess it makes sense though. Lol.

    1. As hit the nail right on the head ... hahaha. It sure makes sense. As for 9, 13 and 13, i meant them whole-heartedly

  3. Seem a very hard task to gush out those 15 randoms. lol
    Me love #7 and I definitely concur with #14 too. lol

    - LDP

  4. hmm, you dont even know how This man, GO AND MARRY ooo...hahaha!

  5. Hmm, interesting. Let's follow you till the last day