Thursday, March 1, 2012

Marriage is....(2)

My phone rings...
I check caller ID... Its him... Relief....
Its been one of those days for Miss K,
She's cranky, I'm cranky, I just need to hear his voice.

"Hey you"

"Hey, whatcha doing?"

"Same old, she's still cranky, drifting in and out of sleep now though. So how was site today"

"So so, corrected the snags, got signed off, site should be on air anytime soon"

"Sounds like u had a gud day...miss crazy"

"Miss you too baby... you don't know how much"

Doorbell rings.

"Someone's at the door, wonder who, I didn't park behind any of the neighbours... J"

 ...I call out to the help, 

"please see who is at the door and find out what they want."

"Ok, so what are you wearing"

I giggle...

"Why do you want to know"

"Cos I wanna imagine it before I see you"

"Huh?, I don't get you, its not like I'd wear it again tomorrow." 

"What are u wearing woman?"

Giggle again...

"the pink n black number that you like"

Bedroom door open, and he's standing there.

"I guess it was worth the surprise then" 

He says as he cuts the line
I smile and hug him tight, suddenly, I'm not as strung out anymore. 

With all the bumps along the ride, its the little things like this that make my heart swell.

Marriage is...the joy you bring my way