Saturday, February 25, 2012

Time to go....

Mentioned him briefly in 2010,
One of my thankful posts in August of 2010
How he showed up with wife, kids and luggage
And moved into my fathers house.

I mentioned that I was upset
At how a full grown man would just up and decide
To heap his responsibility as a man
On the head of a man his fathers age.

Now, 18months later, it has come to this...
We offered to pay for a years rent so he could move out
He said no.....asking how he wud sustain without a job
We asked him what his plans were?
He asked us to buy him  trailer
He wanted to transport foodstuffs interstate.
Trailer huh? know how much that costs?

So time passed, he got  job as a driver.
Then quit, cos "afterall its just a mere 20k they're paying"
She got  job as a teacher, then got sacked
She decided to sleep on duty.

Today, we have decided.
The rent for an apartment would be paid
Payment  is for 18 months.
The moving truck would be hired and their property loaded
Friends have been informed, 
To help calm any form of resistance.

Someone said the act is unchristian...
Says how would they survive with no job
How would the children feed.
I remind her of 1Thim 5:8,
I would not want to encourage him.

He has stayed 18 months without being a bread winner
I think  i'm right if today  i decide not to encourage his laziness.

C'est la vie.


  1. Replies
    1. I very much believe he is...and its kindda sad

  2. Good! Tough love in least he will learn this way...hopefully!

    1. I hope so too, cos its really a disappointing situation. Its amazing how we tend to believe its ok to dump our responsibilities on others all in the name of family. I'm not saying family should not help, but at least, make an effort on your own part :(

  3. He is allowing 'fear' to rule over his mind. If you guys let him overstay his welcome, it would be a long time coming before he leaves. Maybe your dad can keep encouraging him (in love) that this is the right decision? Hard situation.

    1. Jay (I love that name for you,:D), its not a case of fear. We had a meeting and asked him what his plans are and his reply was. "Ehn, sebi you people (referring to my siblins and I) have money, you can buy me a trailer so I can start transport business, because me I cannot be doing this driver job o"

      I think that's a clear case of irresponsibility and laziness. And its sad that a lot of us in our part of the world believe its ok to be lazy as long as you have family to throw your burden on.

      My dad was out of job for years, my mom was a teacher, we hustled through university to pay our way through, so I kindda know how tough life can be. Did we just sit back in despondence? what excuse does he have?

      Ok, rant

    2. If i was present at this meeting im certain i'd have slapped him HARD across the face for that statement....

  4. Hmm... It's a difficult situation for the man and for the family. But I think what is significant is desire... does he have a desire to feed and provide for his family? If he does, then the family has set them up for a brighter life with the 18months rent. I approve of it.

    - LDP

    1. No, he doesnt have the desire at present, to feed and provide for his family, so I guess that means you dont approve abi?

      Lemme ask though, what do you approve? that we wait until he decides he's ready to take responsibility for his family? See my response to Jaycee to have a better idea of his way of thinking.

    2. I certainly approve the family's decision. He has to learn to stay alone; work hard to fend for himself and his family. For God's sake, he is a grown up man. People can only help you this much. Jesus is the only one that came to this world to die for another man; You guys have tried for him already. He should now sit down and find meaning to his life.

      - LDP

  5. Difficult situation, Yes, but... when the foundation upon which you family is built begins to shake its only right to put every catapillar out of the way.

    You've done enough esp by offering to pay rent... meaning you would have borne their burden for 36months in all. If you do not let him go, he wont stand up to his responsibility.

    1. "If you do not let him go, he wont stand up to his responsibility."

      My thoughts exactly

  6. I love the poem n the story behinD it. The guy should man up n take responsibility for his family.

    1. Gbam!! Man up is the key word, like, at least make a move, try something, even if you fail at least we can see that you tried.

  7. I think you guys are right to offer what you did. Reading your response to Jaycee doesn't show a serious person, maybe the nudge will get him to be more dedicated.

    1. I'm definitely hoping the nudge would work.

  8. This is just sooo wrong. Taking advantage of people like this