Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I wish I knew....

They told me my heart would grow, larger than I could ever know,
      That although I’d lose sleep, I’d still love her deep
            And so when the time came, I really was prepared.
                  Motherhood began the way they had said it would.

I anticipated that nursing might not start out smooth, so I bore through the first few days
     Then one day, what they told me would be a joy, suddenly felt like a nightmare
         with sores and pains, leaks and even unwanted sprays......
                    I must confess, I let the tears flow (Judge me if you must)

Slowly I began to embrace and even anticipate the hurdles.
      I had prayed about them all,
            That I do not experience some.....,
                  Like the stretch marks, flabby stomach and gained weight.
                         Or for grace to deal with them if I did
                               Like weaning fevers, and even putting “marital activities” on hold
                                     for 6 WHOLE MONTHS!!!......God bless D.

So you can imagine the pain I felt, looking at myself today
            My body has endured changes I know, but nothing prepared me for this.
                    Moving from a C-cup, to a D during pregnancy and delivery
                         Only to end up with an almost B at the end of weaning....
                               No one told me this part, for if they had, I would have prayed
                                     I’m not vain, just pained, I know God would have heard my cry
                                          Why oh why did mother forsake me on this...
                                                 Why my sisters, did you leave this out.

D says, I still rock, he says what the books told husbands to say
         My eyes tell me the truth, and yes, this truth is bitter.
              When oh when would this cup pass...
                   Somebody, please tell me it would.

PS: Funny topic to start my blogging this year with right? Lol, yeah, that’s how much I think it sucks :D. On the brighter side, my big sis says “things” would go back to normal with time...sure hope she’s right.


  1. You had a baby? Congrats (belated).

    I dont have experience on this issue but i think they say with a lot of exercise and proper carriage you'll be back to your all time sexiness.

    Hugs for the lil one.

  2. I think I'd like to agree with your big Sis, Aunty mi... However, "things" just don't go back, without some actions (recreational activities and exercises). I believe you still rock too... I dont think uncle is just saying what the books asked him to say. lol

    - LDP

  3. Looolll. Pele, I am really praying with you that 'things' get back to normal very soon

  4. lol @ when will this cup pass - that was pun intended ya??...

    sure cup and things will go back to normal ;o)

    welcome back.. hope u are here to stay

  5. I can totally relate with this post. Most especially with the breast size thing. LOL, mine had shrink to A size mind you.

  6. Motherhood is an institution on it's own. Lol. Thank God for "deep love" still.

  7. @ P.E.T. Projects

    Thanks dear :)

    I sure wish I can get advice on what exercises to do

    Ok o, exercise abi, may I find the "right" ones to


    Thanks for joining me o...much


    hahaha!!! would you believe I actually just noticed

    They had berra...thanks luv

    @call tracking

    Phewww, finally, someone with a shared experience, lol.

    Size A huh...I guess I have it good then :)

    @Jennifer Abayowa

    It most definitely is o, we learn every single day, and God alone knows how that love just keeps growing and growing, even when they get on our last nerves :)

  8. Congratulations on your bundle of joy.

  9. Ha. I went through the same thing. 3 years on, I am still wondering where my body went. I have finally accepted that it would not be the same again, however, I am on a serious gym regime right now plus a personal trainer. It is a battle of the mind over the body. My body will submit to my mind and soul! try explore suitable sex toys for the down below. It makes things tigher down there. Trust me,I know what I am saying. I hate it when my husband says it is ok, 'cos I know it is not ok. I hate it more when other women say it does not matter, 'cos they all know it matters.