Saturday, February 25, 2012

Time to go....

Mentioned him briefly in 2010,
One of my thankful posts in August of 2010
How he showed up with wife, kids and luggage
And moved into my fathers house.

I mentioned that I was upset
At how a full grown man would just up and decide
To heap his responsibility as a man
On the head of a man his fathers age.

Now, 18months later, it has come to this...
We offered to pay for a years rent so he could move out
He said no.....asking how he wud sustain without a job
We asked him what his plans were?
He asked us to buy him  trailer
He wanted to transport foodstuffs interstate.
Trailer huh? know how much that costs?

So time passed, he got  job as a driver.
Then quit, cos "afterall its just a mere 20k they're paying"
She got  job as a teacher, then got sacked
She decided to sleep on duty.

Today, we have decided.
The rent for an apartment would be paid
Payment  is for 18 months.
The moving truck would be hired and their property loaded
Friends have been informed, 
To help calm any form of resistance.

Someone said the act is unchristian...
Says how would they survive with no job
How would the children feed.
I remind her of 1Thim 5:8,
I would not want to encourage him.

He has stayed 18 months without being a bread winner
I think  i'm right if today  i decide not to encourage his laziness.

C'est la vie.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I wish I knew....

They told me my heart would grow, larger than I could ever know,
      That although I’d lose sleep, I’d still love her deep
            And so when the time came, I really was prepared.
                  Motherhood began the way they had said it would.

I anticipated that nursing might not start out smooth, so I bore through the first few days
     Then one day, what they told me would be a joy, suddenly felt like a nightmare
         with sores and pains, leaks and even unwanted sprays......
                    I must confess, I let the tears flow (Judge me if you must)

Slowly I began to embrace and even anticipate the hurdles.
      I had prayed about them all,
            That I do not experience some.....,
                  Like the stretch marks, flabby stomach and gained weight.
                         Or for grace to deal with them if I did
                               Like weaning fevers, and even putting “marital activities” on hold
                                     for 6 WHOLE MONTHS!!!......God bless D.

So you can imagine the pain I felt, looking at myself today
            My body has endured changes I know, but nothing prepared me for this.
                    Moving from a C-cup, to a D during pregnancy and delivery
                         Only to end up with an almost B at the end of weaning....
                               No one told me this part, for if they had, I would have prayed
                                     I’m not vain, just pained, I know God would have heard my cry
                                          Why oh why did mother forsake me on this...
                                                 Why my sisters, did you leave this out.

D says, I still rock, he says what the books told husbands to say
         My eyes tell me the truth, and yes, this truth is bitter.
              When oh when would this cup pass...
                   Somebody, please tell me it would.

PS: Funny topic to start my blogging this year with right? Lol, yeah, that’s how much I think it sucks :D. On the brighter side, my big sis says “things” would go back to normal with time...sure hope she’s right.