Friday, October 7, 2011

For the one we lost......

I knew i'd be writting to you sometime soon,
I just never though it'll be this soon.....

I can hold your hand,
but not the pieces of your broken heart,
They seem too shattered to ever be pieced together again.
 I can offer a hug,
but I doubt it'll be enough to dry up the tears 
that just keep flowing without stop.

It feels like life has stopped for you in this one moment,
yet when you look around, life continues for everyone else,
even those who sit right now by your bedside.

We'd say we feel your pain,
but when we get back home, we're surrounded by warmth
we wrap our babies and laugh at their excited gurgle,
And at the back of your mind you wonder...
...How on earth can we understand?

Your world is upside down and you want so bad to scream
Wish it all away, wake up as in from a bad dream

Hmmm, Sister, Friend, my heart breaks for you.
I want to be there for you the best I can
I pray I find the how.

And for you lil one we never got to hold,
I wonder where you are right now.
Maybe back home in heaven,
charming the angels with that smile we'd never see.
When we see again,would we look you in the eye 
and know all of a udden that its you?
Or would you somehow come back to us again???

You'd have brothers and sisters that you may never know,
they may comfort us and with time, 
this pain would fade.
But you would always remain the one,
with whom your mom first experienced the joys of a first kick

Dedicated to MD, who lost her baby at 24weeks...I'm glad to see you're stronger now, you inspire me love


  1. May God Himself wrap His arms around your friend and console her...

  2. Uhmn. The Holy Spirit is her comforter. It is well

  3. May God continue to strenghten and comfort her..

  4. I was scared when I saw the title...
    May God comfort the mother of the baby. It so not an easy experience...
    It is well.

    - LDP

  5. Amen everyone, only God can heal and I'm sure He'd give her beauty for ashes

  6. May we not see or experience such again!
    I cannot bare to imagine such grief...I have a two year plus daughter and a six month old son and I know that I can lay down my life for them to I know what MD must have a Mum for that matter.

    It is well with her soul

  7. Thanks for allowing me inspire you....sure I most wasnt easy for me but God has been faithful through it all.

    For the precious gift of life...I will forever be grateful to God for sparing my life during that fateful experience.

    Luv u babes....and thkx for dedicating this lovely piece to me.