Saturday, July 2, 2011

U rock my world....

With your tiny piercing scream
That finds its way thru my subconscious
And startles me to wake.
A glance at the bedside clock tells me
Its just been an hour plus since I put u to bed.

I close my eyes and reflect on life
How its changed these past 14days,
And then smile.
I smile cos even wit my craving for sleep,
And the sometimes overwhelming feelings
That come from the tot of being responsible for another being.
Nothing compares to the joy I have
when i look in your face
and see the beautiful creation
God brought forth through your daddy and I.

I love you already darlyn. Welcome to our world


  1. Congrats, I am so happy for you

  2. Awww congrats on ur bundle of joy!!!

  3. awww....
    How sweet.
    May she always bring you laughter

  4. aw...congrats may Grant you everything you need to bring her up in the way of the Lord

  5. awww that was so sweet. Congrats dear : )

  6. Sobs, hugs, smile, wonderful piece...

  7. Congratulations...may God strengthen you as you don another hat...the mummy one. This was beautiful to read..

  8. I teared up after reading your post. A big congratulations to you dear, God sure does make all things beautiful in his time.

  9. Yay, congratulations darling! I'm so happy for you and I can totally relate to your post. God bless mothers!