Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Marriage is..........(1)

.......Waking up at 2am
         with a bad craving for coaster biscuit,
Thinking of the two packets
I left on the dining table,Smiley

Heading out to get it and
Seeing a dirty tea mug sitting in its place
with the two empty packets sitting happily in the cup.Smiley Smiley

....."And he called them cheap Five naira biscuits" when I brought them home......SMHSMILEY SHAKING HEAD NO Pictures, Images and Photos

Marriage is the life I have with you....


  1. lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. very funny

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha. I know this feeling.

  3. hahahahahahahhahahahah oh gosssssssh I'd be soooooo annoyed!!! hahhahahaah Lord help me

  4. Eeeya, your 'cheap' coaster biscuit came through for him in times of 'desperate hunger'. lol

  5. lol...welcome back dear. How are you?

  6. hahaha eya pele. i can imagine lol.

  7. aww cute! i understand this cos u sound jst like my mum haha

  8. @Fragilelooks
    Glad u liked it :)

    I have a feeling a whole bunch of us do....lol

    @Miss FlyHigh
    Amen o, so be prepared :D


    Haa, dont be decieved o, it wasnt hunger that made him eat it...lol

  9. @Myne

    Thanks Myne, I doing great o, no hassles



    Wetin I for do na...lol


    Glad you do :)

    hahaha...ur mum? for real?? lol

  10. awww so cute....just lik mi dad lol...loving ur blog 1st time here

  11. Awww... haha. This is so cute yet funny. Marriage is just awesome! Sound like what I would do. I eat everything and anything nowadays and at anytime! lol

    - LDP

  12. Lol! This def cracked me up. I love the stride in which you took it

  13. lolzzz.. days like these, you think how lucky he is you're saved :o)

  14. LOL!

    If I complained about something like this, my wife would tell me:

    'Do you know how many people are dying to have someone eat their coaster biscuits without their permission?'

    But on the real...you guys are making a fuss over 5 naira biscuit? LMAO!
    Marriage is fun!

  15. Really nice, love it.

  16. There's love in sharing innit? Even though this sharing formular is 100 - 0!