Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Letter For You....

See how important you are (smiles) you dragged me outta my hiatus, I never imagined that it would happen anytime soon, but here we are, I'm typing at my computer and the only thing i want to do right now is hold your hands in mine and tell you it would be ok.

Bland words, I know, but really love, it would be ok. 

Before you called last night, I already knew. I know we've had this scare before but this time around, I knew it was no scare and so many thoughts ran through my head as I reached out to pick the call.

You said you were ok......why dont I believe you?

The unsure giggle you usually do when you're trying to be strong, the few seconds of silence that speak louder than your words....

We talked future plans, we talked about forgiveness and doing the right thing now, we talked about how things from now on would be different, but in all of it, we didnt talk about today, now, your present state of mind.

I can cast aspersions and ask you "How could you? an unmarried christian woman?"...but then, I'd just be doing the same exact thing you're doing to yourself, and you dont need that right now, so here's what I want to say.

No matter what the case, I love you to bits cos you're my friend, you're my sister. 

I know you're scared deep down and I want you to know I'm here for you, through the struggle to share it with family, through the struggle within yourself, through the struggle of what people would say...I'm here

When you want to rant, when you want to cry, when you feel the changes in your body and you just want to bitch, I'm here....when you feel overwhelmed, when all you need is just silence, when you wonder if your descision was the best....I'm here. 

I cant help you right the wrong, I cant take the past away, but I can be here for you while you take the hard decision to walk the right path at present...and no matter how hard you feel its going to be, know this for sure, time would come when today would be history, and you would look into the mirror and know for sure, it wasnt a mistake to walk this path

I love you to bits 


  1. Aww i bet your friend appreciates u :)

  2. That is why I keep saying you are lovable and a great friend

  3. awww that was so sweet *sniff sniff*

  4. A friend in need is def a friend indeed. You're a true friend

  5. Yes i truly appreciate you my dearest friend....thanks for been there....

    We have both come a longggggg way and I bless the day we crossed our path.

    Not very good with writing epistle but for sure babes...I love you...*sniff sniff*