Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome Home

So I was waiting for the last of them for this see, the women around me are like successful farmers, sowing and reaping the fruits of their womb as though they are the only ones God gave the mandate to "be fruitful and multiply"...hehehehe....

I dedicate this post to officially welcome my lovely  nieces, nephew-in-law (is there such a word?), and surrogate niece, here they are in order of birth

 Anuoluwa-Chimmy ( God's Mercy/God did it) - Chimmy being short for Chimere - Born on the 20th September and the 9th grandchild of my mum and dad (hmm, them don try o, thats what u get when u birth 5 girls...hehehe)

Ayomide (My joy has come) - The first grandchild in my family dynasty (from my hubby's side), Born on the 1st of October

Jahkim - Toluwani (God Established/ God's own) - My lovely surrogate niece, Born on the 6th of November

Kella or Kelechi-Daniella - My adorable niece, born on the 15th of November and the 10th grandchild of my mom and dad.

Its amazing how faithful God has been, and to think i already have 5 on the count down for next year...Wow, I'm surrounded by blessed women

PS: I apologize in advance to Ayomide, so sorry i wasn't able to get a clearer picture of u, and when u get to see this in the future, pls know that you have ur uncle D to blame
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No title

I really am not sure what to title this, I just know I have a lot on my mind and I have decided I want to share them here, in this place.

Lately, I've been ungrateful and I hate that about me, I've bitched about my house and how much I hate the environment, how crass it is and how its wasn't in my plan to remain in this kind of environment after marriage. I've nagged about how the traffic causes me so much stress and agitation and how spending 3hours to work and 3hours back is causing me so much grief. I've grumbled about how for the past year, each time we are about to make concrete plans on our "vacation" something else comes up and we have to abort...bottom line, I've been doing a lot of grumbling lately and each time I complain, D makes a step to try and make that situation better for me, he stretches himself to try and make things more comfortable for me....and is that enough? NO, I keep thinking, all I wanna do is just get out of this environment....yeah, I've been that kind of wife and no, I'm not proud of it.

I've been the type to shake my head at people that are caught up with "keeping up with the Joneses" but lately its hit me, that's exactly what has been plaguing me of about removing the speck in your brothers eye without first dealing with the log in your eye.

I could blame it on the fear of having to keep "hustling" like I did all through most of my younger years, but hey, I'm not the first and i wont be the last. I could blame it on PMS, but news flash, I'm not the only woman in the world and others are living life just fine. I could blame it on the burden of daily round the clock stress but, I am aware that a million others face even worse stress.

All in all, I've not been a very supporting wife to a husband who has done all in his power to make his wife happy, from a face uplift at home, to getting me a driver, to promising me that vacation, no matter how small and this is my way of telling him I'M SORRY (cos he's always the first to read my blog), and also my way of holding myself accountable to change. I wanna choose contentment, and I wont stop there, I would go ahead and choose contentment. Mama didn't raise no whiner so I don't plan to disappoint her neither do I plan to compromise on the vow "for better or worse". I know life is what I make it and I know that godliness with contentment is great gain so I had better start living out what I know.

Who knows, I might take down this post in a few days to come so as not to "tarnish my image", or I might leave it, who knows, it might serve a good purpose someday, whatever the case, this post is up for now cos I believe sometimes it helps to share that chink in the armor with people who can both help you or be helped by you. And if it comes back to bite me in the behind...oh well, guess that'll make another story.

PS: I still don't have a title :)