Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is it your business?

So yesterday, I had a Soda and biscuits as breakfast and by 2pm, I felt hunger pangs and knew nothing else would make sense until I eat.

Just as I was about to ask the office assistant to help me pick up something for lunch, my colleague said, haaa, Mrs, you are getting big o, maybe you should skip lunch today...I slowly turned to look him over properly, I took in his protruding tummy, made more obvious by the almost bursting buttons on his shirt, shook my head, ignored him and kept on speaking with the office assistant.

He "wisely" waited for the guy to leave then he repeated his this point, I really couldn't hold my tongue anymore cos this was a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black, so I told him....Mr, when I get any where near you, then I know for sure that there is cause for alarm....number 2, it is no business of yours how big or how small I am, number 3, when I start wearing size 10 dresses, then maybe you can talk, but as far as I still fit into my size 8 dresses, then I am not overweight, also even when I start wearing size 10 dresses, you still do not have the right to talk cos as long as I'm 5ft11, I reserve the right to wear size 10 dresses.

That said and done I turned to face my some may say I should have kept mute, but in my defense, I'm done with people discussing my weight, last year, it was that I looked too small to be a married woman, this year that nature has allowed me put on some flesh, people still talk, so I'm sending this post out as a warning, If you see me and you think you have something to say about my weight, do yourself a favor and let it remain just that....a thought....Now that being said, I think i can face my work...hehehe

Ok, to be fair, I wasn't angry at all at him, just amused at how people carry extra "wahala" on their head, plus, I'm proud of my new found size...D says he like the "feel" *wink wink*


  1. haha.. D sabi berra thing be that ni.. some peeps just run their mouth like dripping taps though...

  2. yes o...D na sharp, BTW, u just taught me a new line..."stop runnin ur mouth like a dripping tap"...lmao

  3. lol, I wonder how people make somebody else's weight their problem. But you told him! Next time he will keep his thoughts to himself.

    Hope you are doing great dearie...

  4. I always wonder why some people love to take phensic for other peoples headache...they just don't know when to shut up.

    Glad you told him your mind.

  5. Now that's what i'm talking about. He's not the only one who has a tongue :) Been getting comments like that from a colleague recently and all i do is smile. I'm so excited you replied. Naughty me :D

  6. long as the hubby is enjoying it, wahala nor dey. How u doing dear?

  7. LOL...I thought only women talked about weight issues? This is one gossipy man, :). Enjoy your new figure jare.

  8. hisss....dat man is a loser...I like how u told him off jare!
    As long as D is not complaining that's all dat matters ;)

  9. So you are looking I need to see you then. And D likes the "feel". Arent men all the same?

  10. @FG

    He sure would, I'm doing great dr, thanks :)


    It beats me too o, cos I really don't get how it affects his own life


    Hahahaha...naughty you indeed o, hmm, ur colleague had berra b mindful o

    @Miss Enigma

    Wahala no dey at all o, after-all, na him bring yam I'm doing great dr, n u?

    @Myne Whitman

    I concur on the gossip part o...wud enjoy it as much as i can...thats the plan ;)


    wink back at u, next time he would learn to mind his biz (I


    I'm looking big o, don't try (I wish), we would work something out so u can see for yourself ;)

  11. Lol.. I would have found it annoying o. Mscheeew..
    People just love to do that..
    Good thing you worded him off..

  12. He likes the feel...*cough* I like that statement. *Giggles*

  13. lol..yes tell Mr fattybumbum

    people will always run their mouths but i am glad to hear D likes the "feel" ;)

  14. Ha! There's only one reason a guy would come over to you and not mind his own business...

    He has some kind of crush on out for that one.

    Just my observant mind speaking!

  15. Ha! There's only one reason a guy would come over to you and not mind his own business...

    He has some kind of crush on out for that one.

    Just my observant mind speaking!

  16. @2cute4u
    I'm sure glad i


    *Giggles in return*

    lol @fatty bum bum


    haaa, in this case i dont think so

  17. Lol @ aloted's 'fatty bum bum'. I got called that a lot growing up...ha! what didn't they call me?

    I like your reply jare. He'll think twice next time

  18. @ Gbemisoke

    Oh yes he would