Monday, August 9, 2010

I Praise - Day 9 (Thankful for a job well done)

Yesterday was almost chaotic (still managed to have a great time in the midst of it all though )....had to complete a job over the weekend and my painter had bitten more than he could chew apparently....he had several jobs on hand so wasnt on site regularly to supervise his boys...Every other thing was going according to schedule...blinds were covered, carpets laid, cleaners were already itching to start so they could pack up early and the painter calls me in church to inform me that he is short of paints....less than 7 hours to go, a supplier who has told me on several occassions that he did not make deliveries on sundays, and an almost tacky job staring me in the face...I took a deep breath, walked into a room and said a prayer for wisdom.

So Father, this morning,  I thank You for You word that says "The king's heart is like a stream of water directed by the LORD; he guides it wherever he pleases" (Prov 21:1 NLT)...for even though my heart remembered that sunday the supplier refused to supply my site, still You said I should call, and voila, he came through for me this time.

I Thank You for the change that came over the workers, where they started out shabbily, they ended the job excellently.

I Thank You cos I did not have to hide my head in shame or begin to think up excuses, I drove by his morning and what I saw on site gives me reason to say Thank You Father over and over again. i look forward to a wonderful week ahead.

What are you grateful for today?

PS:  Praising God even on days when we don't seem to see reason to, is a great experience and it is what we are called to do as believers. Its easy to lift up Holy hands when things go as we plan but once our plans seem messed up, its hard to see reason to thank God.....I challenge you today, Allow your mind to think when caught in the storm of life, cos if you do, you'd find many reasons to still lift up your hands and say Thank You Jesus. (Hab 3: 17-19)


  1. Thankful to God on your behalf dear!

    Sometimes I'm like 'there's nothing so special to thank God for' but like you said, looking more closely, there are always so many, I thank God for His mercies,he has not been dealing with me the way I deserve; despite my falling short of His expectations, He still loves me, still keeps on making ways for me and ALWAYS giving me so many 'second chances'

    I really am thankful!

  2. @Olufunke

    You know, we really take God's mercy and grace for granted sometimes, think of it, where would we be without it? , thanks for the reminder Funke :)

  3. I thank God for the gift of life and the ability to see, hear, speak,taste and feel. All my five senses are functioning properly. Halleluyah

  4. I'm so happy you're doing this series.

  5. I had a good night's sleep, I'm about to drift off again..I thank God for sleep!

  6. This series is a constant reminder that there is alot to be grateful for

  7. Thank you for this series, making me grateful for each day