Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Praise - Day 5 (The Gift of marriage)

This morning Lord, I'm thankful for the gift of marriage and the wonder of that treasure you wrapped up in your husband.

Was browsing through the web on marriage and roles of husbands and wives and stumbled upon the 10 commandments for Husbands

Going through it, I realised that to take for granted the fact that God has blessed me with a wonderful man and to see it as the "norm" for him to be the way he is would be a kind of ingratitude on my part , so I Praise you father for I have a husband....
1. Who does not take me for granted, but honors and respects me as equal. (1 Pet 3:7) 
2. Whose highest allegiance, except God, is to me, not his relatives or friends (Gen 2 : 24)
3. Who frequently tells me how important & valuable I am to him. (Phil 2:3; Prov 31:10-11)
4. Who holds my love by (almost) the same means that he won it. (Sos 5:10-16)  
5. Who actively establishes family discipline with my help. (Eph 6:4) 
6. Who remembers to do all the little things for me when he says he will. (Mt 5:37) 
7. Who keeps his eyes on his own wife, not his neighbors. (Prov 5:15-20; Job 31:1; Jer 5:8)
8. Who makes every effort to see things from my point of view. (Gen 21:12)
9. Who does not fail to kiss (or hug) me every morning. (Sos 8:1) 
10. Who is not stingy with me when it comes to money. (Esther 5:3) 

He did not give me an ultimatum to bear him children, else he would leave me, like Cynthia's husband did, neither did he turn away from his responsibilities when the rent was due so that i had to go and beg my siblings for money, like was the case with Esther. He did not talk me down in public the other day when I upset him, like is usual with Ore's husband, neither did he hit me the other day we had an argument like Mike always does. 

When we faced that mountain that seemed so great, he held my hands and we prayed, we stuck it together with You as our only hope, he did not turn to booze for a quick relief , nor turn to the company of friends to keep him away from the burdens back home.

 If I keep on I wont stop, so Father, I thank You, for the things I've mentioned, and the things I have left out.....You are the one whose blessings add no sorrow, I praise You today, for You have filled my home with Love and peace.

What are You thankful for today?

PS: All names mentioned above, though referring to actual living persons are fictional for the purpose of protecting their identities


  1. You have a wonderful husband there. I like ow u attached those bible verses.

    I'm thankful because I trust that He will indeed settle me when the time is right

  2. Wow! You seem to have the perfect husband!

    I was almost about to say I have the same qualities but remembered there was one I was working on to get better at.

    I think I've improved sha. Still, i'm happy for you. A good marriage is a formidable weapon against the devil.

  3. @ Zel

    Yes o, He definitely will. Actually got the point and verses from a website

    @ Afronuts

    Far from perfect o, u didn't see the crossed out words in points 4,6 and, but he actually makes an effort so that counts for something in my books.

  4. I love those points and the verses to support. Thank God for husbands in the true sense of the word and for helping us find the ones meet for us.

    all the best in your marriage dear.

  5. Awwww...lovely post...great husband!!!

    My your love 4 one another be everlasting! loved the verses and point also!

  6. What a great post. I love the commandment. You're blessed to have a wonderful hubby. Make sure to let him know always and always.

  7. @ Myne

    We really are blessed o, may the blessing continue to grow as each year passes..Amen

    @ Blessing

    Amen sis, Amen, we would all have good testimonies of our marriages, and not sad stories.

    @ MOH

    I sure would, thanks for the advice sis

  8. i like, i like, i like. Your love will continually blossom in Jesus name.