Friday, August 20, 2010

I Praise - Day 20 (The gift of better days)

Driving to work this morning Lord, with the heavy rains and flooded roads, Hubby and I exchanged stories...from leaking busses, to leaking cars (the kind of leaks you dont even have money to fix and you chew gum and use it as a patch until it wears out again), to days of being splattered by motorist and having to go back home to change...Lord, it was a hilarious ride this morning.

But I realized I had taken this gift for granted, You changed the story several years ago and we just took it for granted...the upgrade in life, better jobs, better rides, comfortable living, being able to afford things we once struggled to get.

For Our changed story Lord, we want to say thank You, that we can sit and laugh about the past, we really are grateful, and several years down the line from here, when we are even "bigger" than we are now, we would still remember the former days and still lift our hands to say thank You, cos thanking You can never be over-done.
What are You thankful for today?


  1. God forgive me for being jealous of Jhazmyn and these her praise posts...she makes me realize that I have not been thankful enough...

    I really love this one, J, it made me sober this morning. I am going to spend time thanking God today.

  2. Lol @ being jealous...funny thing is, this month has made me realize I need to be more grateful to God...there's just so much that we term little but in actuality if we didn't have them, life would sure suck.

  3. Thank you Lord for this constant reminder of the need to praise you for your goodness. Thank you for inspiring your daughter to carry us along.

  4. Thank you Lord for reminding me through this post and Jhazmyn. Your blessings fill me and I'm grateful.