Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Praise - Day 19 (The Lord who perfects)

Day 3, I thanked God for my big sis (Karen's) new job, even with her pregnancy. Today, she shares with us how God perfects what He has started.
Indeed, the blessings of the Lord....adds no sorrow

How shall I begin to talk about a God that I will never comprehend..............

So I got the job offer when I was six months pregnant. Funny isn't it? After searching all these months. Well, that's just the start of the story. In the last few weeks, I've seen, in an amazing way, the concept of God as a perfecter of all He starts.

I resumed work at my new office in the 27th week of my pregnany. During the new recruit orientation course, I was told that I would not be allowed to work after the orientation but rather, would be required to stay home and resume after the birth of my baby. This was not the plan. I had already resigned from my former job and couldn't afford to sit at home for six months without pay. Hmmmmmmmmm. So I approach one of the top guys in HR and tell him that I want to work till the week before my EDD and I know I'm strong enough to do it. He asks me to write a letter to that effect and pray the MD would approve.

Did I pray after submitting the letter? I sincerely didn't even have the time to do that before the HR guy calls to say the MD has approved the letter. I get to work for 2months and some weeks then get my full maternity leave with pay. If this is not about an incomprehensible God, then, I don't know who it is about. All I can say is 'Eru Olorun ba mi'


  1. Pls translate the yoruba.

    Thank God for your sis. God makes everything beautiful in his time

  2. Sorry Zel...forgot to add that.....It means "The fear of God is upon me"

    Can also be used when God surpasses our imagination

  3. wow. this is so wonderful. bcos i know this first hand. congrats.