Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Praise - Day 18 (The gift of a home)

Got a call from my mom recently, My uncle (my dad's cousin) was evicted from his house and he,his wife and his three kids showed up at my folks place unnanounced and are staying with them now.

The call made me think of so many things, it was upsetting that an able bodied man would pack all and sundry and move into the house of his over 70years old uncle, without even the curtesy of a warning call, but on another note, it made me grateful, Grateful for the provision of a home and of security.

It can't be fun to be them, knowing that your nieces and nephews are upset with you cos they feel you're burdening their parents, You go to sleep at night, wondering why life took that turn for you, and in the morning you wake up, wanting to crawl under a rock and hide till the shame and disappointment in your family's eyes goes away.

So today, I'm just really grateful for provision, and for the fact that, when I walked through the doors this evening, it was into my own home and though I could tell myself, well,hubby and I work hard to ensure we have a home, I can't still help but thank You cos in reality, anything could happen, but Father, You have not allowed anything happen, and for this, I say "THANK YOU"

PS: I know I also complain about the vicinity we live in now, and even though we work towards and pray to move into a better neighborhood, I'm still grateful for where we are now.

What are you thankful for?


  1. An eviction is a horrible situation. I thank God for provision.

    Did I say I'm loving your thankful posts? :D

  2. I thank God for the new YADA website that will launch next week

  3. After the house hunting, I found myself thanking God for my current home. That we have a good roof over our head is really a blessing.