Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Praise - Day 14 (The gift of having seed to sow)

Its a wonderful feeling to have help in our time of need, we feel so down and out and then a friend, family, a stranger, someone else does something for us that makes us smile and uplifts our heart.

Better still is when we are the one on the giving side, the smile we see when we wipe a friends tear, the sigh of relief when we help give a friend a helping hand, that simple thank you we get from the stranger we helped with the door cos they had their hands full....ok, we get the picture...:).

I got a phone call last night, and my friend broke down crying, she's so dear to me that I actually felt her pain, but the best part is, just days ago, I received something that would make it possible to help her, for this gift, I want to say thank You. We spoke again this morning, and though somethings are still shaky, we both said words of thanks for renewed hope.

So Lord, thank You for reminding me that, when we help out another man, its cos we have been blessed by You that we can bless others, You have loved us, so we can love, You have forgiven so we can forgive, You have increased us so we can increase another.

Thank You father for the gift of having seed to sow in the life of another.

PS: Luving this weekend already, hope y'all are too....

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  1. Father, thank You for using Jhazmyn to sow a seed in someone's life. May she reap more than a thousand fold.

    Every seed is a sacrifice, but a worthy deed.