Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am not perfect....and i wont pretend I am

I am not that girl,
Always brighht and gay,
Never a frown or a scowl,
But golden smile, always I flash.

I am not that lady,
Ever, only beauty I see.
For I believe not all babies are born cute,
And some days, I scarce see the good in certain few

I am not that woman,
Welcoming my spouse always with a smile,
A hug, a dance and excitement so novel indeed.
Cos sometimes, all i want to do is scream out loud.

I am not that daughter,
Always strong and firm in faith,
Never swayed by looming frustrations.
Alas some days, trusting is the toughest feat ever.

Yet in all my flaws I find
The makings of a gem, exquisite and rare
So, pretend to be she I am not, I scarce can do
But rather embrace the path that unveils my true depths.

For those times when we wonder why we're not nicer, friendlier, smarter, more patient or more gracious than we is saying, its okay not to be perfect, as long as we remain on that road that would lead us to who we have been made to be

So we don't need to pretend, by the words we say, or the things we allow others see, cos really, nothing is ever hidden under the sun..... And we never know but sometimes, our flaws teach more that our pretend perfection does....


  1. So true!!!

    No one is perfect and it's okay! Hence I'm allergic to fake *sneeze*

    I can safely say that I'm perfectly imperfect :)

    Nice one jhazmyn!


  2. Yet in all my flaws I find
    The makings of a gem, exquisite and rare

    I agree, our flaws do teach us more than our perfection does. Life is a journey, and we're only imperfect beings striving for the perfection of our Father. That's why when we fall, we can boldly get back up times, and seven times over.

    Beautifully written.

  3. This is so beautiful.....and true.
    I love being imperfect cuz i know in my imperfection, God gives me perfection in Him

  4. Very well written...well done.

  5. Yes o! 2 Cori 12:19 says it all. "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I liked the poem and especially the words beneath. We can also learn from others imperfections, true that.

  7. this was beautiful, i really like it cos it's so true..
    perfection cannot be attained in an imperfect world but we constantly strive to better ourself..still, we shd know even as our creator knows that we are imperfect and loves us inspite of it...

  8. Thanks for this post, so encouraging to me right now. Thanks for your comment on my post as well, just got a bit confidence boost! God bless

  9. I am not perfect but perfect in my imperfections. Love this

  10. love the poem..and indeed u are right we are not perfect...

  11. Love this poem. i think i have always embrace the path that unveils my true depths and i hope i will continue to do so.

    Lovely post