Thursday, June 3, 2010

Where did the innocence go???

I remember thinking how cute his head looked,
with the slight "ogo" protruding from the back,
that matched that of the man, 
behind whom he rode on the "okada"
that night, as they passed by me,
slowing down slightly up ahead
just as i got into my car

I remember thinking "ahh...he must have read my tots"
as he turned back to stare at me.
I flashed a smile, cooing at this kid...
he looked to me to be only but 10, or there about 
He couldn't have aged much more.

He flashed back a smile...
and my skin crawled and i felt a chill
sinister is the word that best describes it
that smile was not soon to be forgotten.
My headlights reflected the glint from the metal
and "BANG"!!! went the little boy's revolver.

Two months on the hospital bed
Few more in physio-therapy
I still remember so clearly
the cute little boy and the man, maybe his father,
that left me with nothing that night, save my life,
and maybe that, even, by chance.
I see the child surrounded by life's harsh realities
and ask myself...where did the innocence go?

Today i trust no one...
Not even the little boys standing by the roadside
Waving me down for a ride to school.
I trust no one....
Not even the pregnant woman
struggling with the masses for a seat in the bus
I trust no one....
Not even the beggar that stands by the roadside.
I trust no one
All because of that one night...and that day I swore to myself
"Every man/child/ his own".

....This post was spurred by a conversation I had with a friend, and the story narrates his ordeal...till date, he tells everyone who cares to listen, how that day has hardened him, I dont blame him, so many people have lent a helping hand, only to get badly hurt in the process.

There was the woman, who tried to help a "lost" child, and ended up gang rapped...those men and the child were brought to book, but this woman just might never be the same....

I used to pick children along the road on my way to work and drop them off at school, but stopped when I heard of how someone's phones and wallet was "picked" as he helped same such children to school one morning.

Yet the question begs to be we turn our backs on others, because we run the risk of being hurt in the process...or do we continue to lend the helping hand, hoping that we would be able to outsmart those who plan wickedness in return.

*ogo* - yoruba term for protrusions, mostly at the back of the head
*okada* -  local term for a regular motorcycle


  1. Wow. It's so hard to believe that almost all innocence is lost, but it seems to be true in our generation and the next.

  2. I so can relate to how you feel..nicely said

  3. Can relate to this and Mother Teresa's poem anyway popped into my head. You cannot not stopped doing good just because, people pay you back with evil because it was never between you and them in the first place rather, it is between you and God

  4. wow .. no formula..for this one .
    can understand the guys hardness though..

  5. Strange, my friend and I were talking about this the other day. Its sad but yah we have to be careful in the rendering of help these days. Thats how low society has descended.

    Finally found you. Cool :)

  6. @ Jaycee
    Its so true Jaycee, some say its the way things have been destined to be, for the wickedness in man to keep increasing as the generations go by...hmm

    @Harry-Rami Itie

    Funny thing is, I somehow believed it has happened to all or at least most of us, in one way or the other...lending a helping hand and being hurt in the process


    True words indeed Lara...we still need to do good even after we've been hurt once or twice


    Lol...cant we all :)


    Yay...u found, good to have u over dude.

    You know, the other day i helped some kids on the road cos it was raining, I was sadly distrustful of them that i didn't let anyone sit in front, but asked them all to sit in the back and had my laptop bag and handbag in the passengers seat...i just didn't want to risk it, and I still caught myself staring at them in the rear view until i dropped em off...i felt real bad about it, but considered it a necessity

  7. Well the Bible does say we should be wise like serpents and harmless like doves. It's sad to see but I agree with the quote from Mother Teresa in the comment above. As children of God we are to help people but we need discernment as well. Father, help us not to be victims of circumstance in Jesus name. Please let the good we sow never return to us as evil in the mighty name of Jesus.