Thursday, June 10, 2010

Upon the Altar

I wrote this in 2006, don't even remember what spurred it....but this morning I read the words again, and they are re-assuring.

Lay upon My altar
Be silent, be still before me
Don't struggle as the fire burns
Just let it burn.

You fear the purification
Do you not trust me?
You fear the pain
Know that I feel it too
You fear to let go
To be vulnerable before me
Do you still fail to understand my love?

Lay still upon this altar
Lay still and let the fire burn.

I don't often go thru my old writtings, but this morning, I did, and I'm glad I did...

I start reading a new book today, Aesop and the CEO....hope it makes a good read...:)


  1. first!
    nice poem, lie still...

  2. Thank you for sharing this...

    So much I need to lay on the altar

  3. Lovely! I just started reading "The Shack" last night. Hope it makes for a good read too.

  4. Great poem!

    You write good sis! love!

  5. I'm sure glad I stumbled on this definitely speaks to me, especially the part about keeping still...thanks for sharing it...

  6. Do you still fail to understand my love?

    i sometimes doubt God but i know he is real to me so

    to heck with everyone else.

    "nice thot"

  7. @ all

    Once again i lay upon the altar...I did so in trust (finally)...and I"m sure glad i did :)