Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are women really harder to please?????

They say women are hard to please
In my case...I'd say think again

He sulked cos i didnt watch football
Then I started watching football
Still, this darling husband of mine sulks

Now is it my fault that his team has the likes of
Terry, Lampard and Anelka...among others
who I think are cute.
And that my idea of football conversation is
"...Anelka's eyes are looking tired today...but he still looks good though"
or "I just love Terry's hair...dont you think its cute baby"
or.."i actually just realised this Lampard guy isn't bad looking at all"
then yesterday i said "who is that cute fan...he's so adorable"
and he answered in response "you don't even know the owner of the club"
while giving me the look that says "If you were blonde, I'd understand"
(no insult intended by that statement...lol)

At least once in a while, I chip in the regular...that was a frigging foul
and.."WTH, why didnt he just pass the frigging ball"
and " are you for real??? where the hell is the defence"
So, a lil appreciation by the side, should be allowed....right???

Then check this out
The other day he said...I dont mind a woman who is 
Wife, sister, friend, lover and mother
So in light of this, I chose to prepare the food boiled..instead of fried as he likes it
trying to be motherly...thinking of his health and all
and he goes.."Who's going to eat this boiled food"
to which i replied (still in my motherly role of course)
"You're going to eat it, you will enjoy it and best part, you will finish it"
then i smiled coyly and added "Cos i love you baby,and  I want you to eat right"

He eats his food (while mumbling of course) 
and yesterday...rants to his friend how..
he doesnt even know who is the boss anymore
since he cant even decide what he would or would not eat in HIS OWN HOME
Well...where I come from..the mother owns the home...not the son (lol)
So choose baby...

I could go on and on...but i think I've made my point
The next time I hear a man tell me women are the complicated ones
I think i just might scream...
I believe though, we all have our "issues"
So I guess what i'm trying to say is...No sex is better than the other
We all have our strengths , We all have our weaknesses...deal with it



  1. LOL, yes oo, each of us have our issues. As for footie, Atala says I'm a fair weather fan, but na him sabi, Man U for lyfe!

  2. I can't even laugh!

    I'm happy my hubby isn't really a football fan..he loves cartoons and I don't mind watching them!

    No one side is better!

  3. Lol, I like your dealings with your husband.