Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thankful....In the spirit of Easter

Its been a great week/weekend....Starting from tuesday till date.

From Lagos to Abuja

Coincedentally, "D" and I both had official business in abuja so we decided to do the trip together...and boy, was it fun...From the blast of heat that greeted us at the airport as we landed in abuja (which writefreak still insists is better than it is in Lagos...yeah to the cab ride with the philosophic cab driver who took his time to explain how Lagos is better than abuja and how abuja is filled with educated prostitutes and being able to spend two whole days with Writefreak...which included a home cooked meal (yes...she sure loves to cook) and a night out in town spent eating fish, drinking and having good conversation.

From Abuja to Lagos

So we finished in abuja on thursday and decided...and extra day for relaxation would be a brilliant idea...right?....


We got to the airport friday 7.30am, hoping to be in Lagos...latest 9am...well, we did get to lagos by 9..but it was pm rather than am...thanks to the crowd we met at the airport...well, at least killing time was fun as we treated ourself to a movie and a wondeful lunch of pounded yam and uha soup...(i just have to include a visual...enjoy.

Anyways, the wait wasnt so bad, thanks to the fact that i had hubby by my side all the time.

Within Lagos

So we missed out on a house warming/after wedding celebration with a friend on friday..thanks to the delayed flights...but hanging out with the family sure made up a great deal for it...The nieces and nephews engrossed in their mischief..the grand parents beaming with pride...the parents, thankful for the few minutes of rest (with the wives ensuring that dinner and if possible sunday breakfast would be well packed before they leave the of noise, catching up on family gossip...the men screaming on top of their lungs discussing was pure fun.

That is why, I didnt quite get it when I woke up with a heavy heart this morning...I didnt quite get it when I woke up thinking of all the prayers still this post is actually to remind myself of all the things that I should be grateful for, and I'm glad i did it, cos as i type, I'm reminded of Love, Family, Great friends,  Great jobs (even though i've started to feel the itch to move on), Great food, even great many things to be grateful for...and so , in the spirit of Easter....Even though, i got to church this morning and turned back for home just minutes after i walked in....Right now...In my heart and with my mouth...I sing a song of VICTORY.....Thank You God for this great life I live and the awesome one yet to come.



  1. We thank Him for all He has done, will do and continues to do!!!

    But why did u turn back when u got to church?

  2. These are the people enjoying oh...You and D had fun, with our darling host Writefreak...surely your easter had begun.

    Someone called me and told me (from the perspective) why he feels I have a great life. By the time he talked about all the things I had, I could not help but get down on my knees to thank God...and I am glad you took this time out to thank God for the things you have...He who has started a good work in you will complete it, even until the day of Christ...

  3. My darling..the vision is for an appointed time, though it tarries, wait for it!

    Behold He does a new thing! And ur prayers have been answered, you're only waiting for the manifestation

    Big hugs!

    Twas great hanging out with you and D

  4. Happy Easter to you dear and may this month bring showers of blessings. Rejoice in the Lord for it is done! Take care.

    ps, yay, the header is back.

  5. Thank God that ur able to rejoice while u wait on him to fulfill what he promised!

    He's always right on time! He won't disappoint u!

  6. Seems like your easter was eventful. some of us spent it all at home doing - nothing. (well, racking our heads on how to improve our website)

  7. @Miss E

    I really don't know o...but at that moment i just felt i needed some time away from people...some alone time i guess

    @ Rita

    I'm so glad i did to, and it was worth every single minute...thanks for the follow up calls too, ur such a darl


    I would sure see it soon dear...and I enjoyed every minute of our stay

    @Miss FlyHigh

    Thanks girlfriend...hope u had a great time this Easter

    @Myne Whitman

    Amen dear...and yes...the header is, i just had to try, and good thing it workes


    He sure is always on time


    I like that kind of, thanks so much for stopping over, and yeah...i sure had a fab time this Easter

  8. Educated prostitutes and gigolos...hmmm. That taxi driver was telling the truth.

    I nearly got married to one without knowing - the prostitute that is.

  9. ah afronuts u have to give us the gist

    anyway dearie..he makes all things beautiful in his time. the lord is ur strength

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