Wednesday, April 14, 2010

50th Post......a tribute to being an inspiration

The many faces of the ones I admire....all of them for different reasons....

My one and only D...For your intoxicating charm and charisma, your unrepentant commitment to growth and being the solution-guy, your big heart(which sometimes lands you in, for being a believer, even in the things/people that others do not believe in.

My mom...For her deep devotion to deep, it amazes me sometimes and I really wish I could attain that depth already.

Alicia Keys...For the strength I percieve in her each time I listen to her voice and her lyrics...such quiet strength that gives the impression that anything is possible.

Nike Adeyemi...For her quiet strength, one look at her and you get the impression of being in the presence of a gentle and sweet soul, then a deeper look reveals the depth of strength and determination that characterises her very essence.

Daisy/Chi&Chi/Karen(My sisters)...For their sheer strength of character...Daisy,the strong,outspoken and stubborn one,who trudges on in life with clear focus and determination,seemingly unafraid of any obstacle that may appear.Chi, the mature and controlled one who never stops climbing and learning new things, who loves to be sassy and classy, who loves to constantly be on top of the ladder, no matter what the venture. Chi,the sweet and easy one whose kindness and nurturing we all embrace readily, who is always there,the shoulder to lean on,the gifted writter whose words touch deep chords and cause me to feel new things over and over. Karen, Beauty and brains, who makes no apologoies for being totally on top of her game, who embraces her flaws with grace and greatly celebrates her strengths...the one I always envied cos I wanted to be her (lol).

Kehinde Bankole...for her vivaciousness and her uncontrollable zest foe life and everything living, her hunger for success, her passion to win, her constant gregariousness and fun-attitude.

Toyosi Gbede...For her courage to face the risks, her willingness to fight the odds until at the end of the day, the dream becomes a reality.

Modupe Jebutu...For her sass and her hunger to be the IT girl (lol), for her style and her elegance. For her constant drive and search for fun laughter and hapiness.

Will Smith...For his ability to diversify and yet be top notch in every area he ventured, for the wisdom to know when to pull out of one and face the other and yet still be remembered even years after for the one he pulled away from.

To these ones (to name but a few)who have been my inspiration all these years, I duff my hat...

To the ones I have inspired, I hope to be more, so you in turn can dream even more than you do now.

To the ones you inspire and would inspire owe them (as well as yourself) your desire to keep being the best you that you can and ever would be...

Here's to the beauty in being an inspiration, cos everyone is, even the most mundane of us, in ways we never knew.


  1. Well done... keep inspiring till the next landmark - a century!!!

  2. i initially read 500th post.. i was like wow already?! lol
    congrats dear n hope to read more from u.

  3. is this the same kehinde bankole of superstory.
    ....anyway congrats

  4. Awwww...congrats on your 50th.

    Oooohhh...Myself and Will Smith have a special bond.

  5. congrats on your 50th post.
    I so like this post,
    Good to aknowledge people that have positive influence in our lives.
    I liek the way you wrote about your sisters
    Looking forward to more inspiring posts from you dear.

  6. Oh...this is so cool, and congrats. Smiled when I read whatyou wrote about yur mom...

  7. such a nice 50th post...I like the idea of ackowledging those who have contributed to making you, you...weldone, and more power to ur elbows...

  8. Congrats on your 50th ,this was motivational. All the best dear and hope to read more from you.

  9. @ lani

    I sure would, and i know you would do same too...u rock

    @ aloted

    500th post...I WISH!! but you definitely would read more from here

    @ downtheaisle

    Yeah it is she, and thanks

    @ Jaycee

    You do huh? (i say while rolling my eyes), and does Will know this? cos you see, I'm the only woman, apart from Jada, that Will "KNOWS" he has a special bond with...lmao, in my dreams

    @ Olufunke

    Those women rock my world in every good way...i love em to bits.

    @ Rita

    My mama rock like that, she sure gives me a whole new perspective to the word "praying mother"..she's just an amazing woman

    @ Anoda Phase

    Thanks a lot dear, they sure challenge me to keep going each passing day, whether by their words or by just being themselves

    @ Myne Whitman

    Thanks a bunch, and i sure hope to write more and more

  10. Congrats on your 50th post dear! I feel the same way bout Nike Adeyemi!

    So where's my own tribute??? Lol..:-)

  11. Well done on ur 50th post!

    I see Nike Adeyemi on your list, I feel u on that. But Sam Adeyemi is not there...hmmm

    You've not experienced his inspiration b4?

  12. @ Writefreak

    Thanks Dear...and as for your tribute....Here's to Writefreak, for being a great big sis all the way....xoxo :)

    @ Afronuts

    Hmmm, Sam is on another level o...there are just some pple that awaken some form of deep respect in me, and he's one of those pple, I guess i just connect more with Nike cos there's so much she's doing that kindda goes in line with stuff i am doing right now and stuff i would still do in the future.

    Have a great weekend dude, and luv to your angels

  13. loved the bit on your sisters.