Friday, March 12, 2010

Too Old to Pursue My Dream???


I....JHAZMYN....have moments like these when i feel scared that maybe i'm getting too old to pursue my dream, cos i've been on this path and i just havent hit that mark yet...

There, i said

But seriously, i have moments (like now) when i review my life, and i count the added responsibilities and i begin to wonder, should i just drop this and face the other things in my life that are already working out real well, like my career and my personal business.

But i just cant give up cos the most annoying thing is....singing is my number one passion and this is no brag but yes, i know i can sing...
In the past few years I've been working on some tracks, its been one disappointment or the other and I'm just beginning to my age even on my side anymore?

I do know though that tomorrow, i would still use an unknown number and call up the new producer i hooked up with, cos recently, he isn't picking my calls and some red flags flying earlier, kindda hinted at him having some "money issues". I'm just hoping he isn't trying to bail on me, especially since he's been paid in full. Plus, in the space of time we hooked up, he has moved studio and he still haven't sent the new address as he promised he would.

So fear or not...i know i'm going to keep at it....I just wish it has happened already, cos I cant remain a spring chicken forever you know. But really, is there such a thing as being too old to pursue a dream?

Have a great weekend y'all....and as much as you can, try not to make the weekend just about you...its amazing how beautiful life can seem when we take the time to touch the life of another, no matter how small the act may be. Make a phone call, plan a visit, give a hug and a smile...It can be as simple as that..


  1. I don't believe that age is a factor in fulfilling our dreams. I see examples every day of grey-haired men and women making their way through college for the first time, and it inspires me.

    So don't stop working towards it :)

  2. true susan boyle.. One can never be to old to pursue a dream. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel : )

  3. Dear, there is nothing as too old to pursue one's dream, what do you want Caleb, Abraham, Nelson Mandela, Sarah and co to say?

    I feel you, no matter what we all say here, the realities face you and the world has its own standards, but you just CANNOT give up, you cannot stop having faith in your life!

    Expecting your testimony here soon about your breakthrough....I feel that now that it seems darkest, the light is just about to shine.
    Please find the strength to keep on, if it means you take a break and then come back with some renewed faith, enthusiasm and strength.

  4. Thanks a bunch guys and welcome back BSNC...been away too long.

    Olufunke....i totally cant give up o...I'm expecting that testimony too

  5. It's never too late to give up on your dreams....I don't believe that age is a factor! Keep going for it! It'll def pay off in due time

  6. if you believe in your dream and you know its worth pursuing, then don't give up! May God bless your efforts.