Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So a quick follow up on the last post....

I called the producer I'm working with using my colleagues' number...Dude picks the call and is silent.....so i go "hello"....and Dude goes..Hello....Hello, who's this....Hello, and the line goes dead.

CHAI!!!* .... in this Lagos, this dude wants to act smart with me...definitely not after over 20 years of being a well trained Lagosian....I'm pretty upset right now and highly disappointed...cos i expected a lot more professionalism from this dude.

So now the quest not to be duped begins, heck, i dont owe this guy a dime...whats with the "James Bond-ing" all of a sudden.

I'm tapping my right feet continuously, huffing real hard at intervals and shaking my head right now, cos really, i saw the signs o....From when i got this sms

...Hi , pls i need a favour, my uncle is really ill and admitted in the hospital....we need 200k for his treatment but i can just raise 150k right now...can i get a loan of 50k from you , to refund at the end of the month, He's kindda like a father to me"

I shuould have smelt the coffee...being that this sms came after only two meetings with this fellow. Thank God i didn't add that to 50k to my list of worries

Anyway, i have spoken enough...for now my hands are tied, as he has even moved studios and i still dont have the new address, but if i dont get that guy...my friend who introduced us would not hear the last of it...

Mschewww, n'obodo a?...MBA NU*

I'm about to bust out some Ninja skills of my own.....LOL...seriously though, I'm not going to just sit back

* CHAI ---Igbo exclamation

*n'obodo a?...MBA NU --- In this town...HELL NO


  1. Find him oh..don't let him off easy

  2. I went back to read the last post. Is it possible that the guy is not a real producer? Too bad sha but don't let it discourage you. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. I thank God that despite everything, you could still feel (and accept) His presence.
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