Wednesday, February 3, 2010

all about RAT

I'm taking out time from work to out up this post,
well cos its been one of those days,
we pray for more responsibility and to be indispensable
then the responsibilities come, and, well...its has its share of crazy days
and this week, everyday so far has been crazy
so this is me, taking a breather.

I love RAT (no, not the rodent...that's my chosen blog name for my cute adorable nephew and it means Restless Adorable Toddler), he's down with a bad flu now and seeing him yesterday, looking all forlorn and tired, i just wanted to hug all the weakness away, but wait o, in this Lagos heat, I'm wondering where the flu came from.

So sometime last month, we were at my parents' for the holidays, and RAT was playing with his kid bro who is just now 9months old (lets call him TZ for the zohan...cos little as he is, he's tough like, he was pulling him real hard shoving him and honestly, all that was in the spirit of love and play.

"RAT, stop it, ur gonna hurt TZ"

"See aunt Jhaz, he likes it, I'm ben10, and TZ likes ben10...pishaun pishaun (sound of a gun mad by his mouth), see we are killing all of them

"RAT stop it now or i'd smack u"

"u cant catch me" he sings as he begins to run, dragging the crawling TZ along

and then BANG!!!, TZ falls and his head actually makes a bang as it hits the floor

I dont know how fast i sprung to my feet, grabbed up TZ with one arm and landed two good ones on RAT'S behind with the other (not like that kept him silent, 10minutes later, he was running around again, this time with my poor niece, he sure has a thing for

Sometime in the evening, my sister BAB (Brain and beauty) comes in and RAT is sulking in the corner

"Sweetheart, don't i get a hug?" 

RAT turn his cute phylosopical eyes to her

"Aunt BAB...i was just playing o and then aunt Jhaz beat me, see now, i'm not even growing well again"

Like...for real? where did he get that one from...and even though we all burst into laughter, the guy stood his grounds, no smile no laugh, looking at all of us as though we were dumb and didn't understand the gravity of what he just said.

I hope he gets better soon, i miss his quick mind and his wit.

Ok, back to work now, i think I've let out enough steam

Have fun people and thank you Patrina, Rita, Zoe and Jaycee, each word and prayer read from your blogs have been like words in due season...God bless y'all


  1. Oh RAT is so'm not even growing well again...where did he get that from.

    Please send my love and hug to him.

    And Amen to your "God bless"

  2. LOL @ "...see now, I'm not even growing well again" Kids say the funniest things. LOL.

    God bless you too Jhazmin.

  3. children do the cutest things sometimes.... nice one..