Monday, January 11, 2010

Finally!!!! A Post

Last night was total bliss
I felt totally woman
Encased within his grip
as he gently stroked my hair,
kissing the nape of my neck.

The day didnt start out that way
There was the hour i felt un-appreciated
Then the hour i felt really hurt
There was the hour he didnt feel my support
Then the hour he felt misunderstood.

As the day wound to it end
Just minutes after the soccer game ended
And the dinner dishes had been put away
i turned off the TV, walked up to him and...
That was when "IT" began.

Phew!!!!!! i finally get the chance to update and boy am i glad...the holidays and the start of the year has been better than i expected i tell you, even though work has left me no breathing space.

Just wanted to start the year by sharing the above which happened some weeks back actually as D and i talked through a series of things that has been getting to us recently, like spending lottsa time apart cos of his work, and not communicating as often cos of stress. Like me being really angry about the situation and not knowing how to deal with that or where to direct the anger (which sometimes can make me a bit cranky when he comes back cos i know he'd soon be off again)...and other things which he hasn't given me the permission to

Its amazing how "life" can sometimes happen to us married couple and we don't even see the signs until the tension begins to build.

Living in Lagos sure doesn't help one bit but that's not an excuse to let the hassles of live override the things that matter the most.

So, we're taking steps each week to build our relationship while apart,  and last week, we decided that rather than turning to TV or the internet to chase the blues (of being apart) away, we would pick something of interest to share at night, this could be a bible passage or a chapter in a seems very mundane but it sure works for us.

Wonder what this week holds for us...I do know that dealing with the distance is getting a bit better, even though I'm praying all the travelling would end pretty soon.

Have a great week y'all.

Info on my meeting Writefreak coming up soon (wink)

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  1. Hey girl, how are you? It's been a while, Happy New Year! It must have been exciting meeting another blogger? Gist us please.

    I like the tactic you and hubby are using to fight the distance. My marriage started with LDR and we used to talk for hours on the phone every day. It hit our bills but it really helped to keep us going strong. All the best with your relationship. You may do this already but also send him little messages, emails, ecards, texts, etc.

  2. Love this post. Its so honest and striaght to the point.
    Distance are a pain, but as long as you find a way to fill the cracks as you've obviously done, you'll be fine in the long run.
    There are no easy ways in a relationship, every one gets tested, it's how we deal with this challenge that determines the outcome I pray that you relationship become stronger from the absence.

    Much Love


  3. Hmmm, this is adult content oh! lol.

    Reading the bible or book together does more than you think:-) Imagine a triangle where both of you are on each side of the base getting to know God who is at the top of the triangle. I tell you, as you both continue to grow in the Lord, you will continue to bond in ways you can't imagine.

    Distance brings strain to relationships but thank God you found a good way to work things out. I pray too that all the travelling will end soon.

  4. @Myne Whitman said...

    I'm good and i would give the gist pretty soon (not that there's much to tell anyways..)

    We do call regularly but thing is, I'm not exactly a phone calls just don't cut it for me, hubby on the other hand is not into little notes and poetic messages...imagine me finding that out after a year of wasting my creative

    tnxs for the tips though...ur a darl


    Amen Debbie, that prayer sure means a lot to me...I do believe we'd get better and better with time


    It wassss....(said with a gasp of shock) ;-)

    It sure helps us i tell you...its amazing how something so simple works so powerfully...Thanks a lot dear...we pray it'll end soon too

  5. I have had to endure long distance in my marriage too and I can understand well with you.

    The best thing is finding what works for you both and running with it.


  6. I know about distance in relationships/marriage, been there...and like you guys we did something together at night and it helped. We even prayed together on the phone at night.
    My dear, i know it's not easy and i pray it ends soon.
    As for the poem...*cough, cough*

  7. Loved your writing at the beginning of the post...WHEW! LOL

    Continue to turn to Jesus, He will always lead you both in the right direction.