Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Moving on...

I felt the weight of melancholy subdue me all through
as i ate food that could not satisfy 
and drank water that could not quench my thirst

I searched more and more for the suns rays
Waking up when the day broke
Shifting aside the blinds so it could pour in
Still yet, the shadows surrounded
The sun just did not shine here.

So I chose to leave this place.
This place of wanting, this place of yearning
I chose instead to move ahead
To another place...another phase.

In this new place..I shall drink and be filled
I shall eat and be satisfied
The sun would shine...its rays i'd find

Because, I would no more live by what i am given
But I would live by what i give
I would no longer wait for what i desire
I would be what i desire.
I would no longer sow on hardened ground
I would sow on fertile soil.

And the buds of friendship would again make me smile
as it once used to

PS: Letting go of some friends can be a real tough one sometimes, but at some point, I believe we need to leave one phase and move onto another...


  1. You are so right, some relationships can be difficult to let go, but liek you said one has to leave one level to attain another one.

    I enjoyed reading this post , and I like the wayas 'i ate food that could not satisfy
    and drank water that could not quench my thirst'

    More power dear!

  2. I like... "Because I would no more live by what I am given, but I would live by what I give" true words... we give to live, just like Jesus gave Himself so we might live.

    have a great week :-) x

  3. You're so right. This poem was a bit melancholy but so true. All the best as you move on higher...

  4. deep poem...

    U r right letting go can be hard but i have learnt we can't win everyone to our side...

    how u dey

  5. @Olufunke

    Thanxs dr, i used those words cos at some point it just felt like having a friend that was no friend at all....


    Yes we surely do...no point in longing when i can just find my fulfillment in giving all that i can not with the intention of receiving but for the joy of giving.

    I guess wat was hardest was having expectations that were constantly no met...

    u have a great week too urself

    @Myne Whitman

    It was right...my bad and thanks too. U're moving so fast wit the new story o, last time i was at ur blog and i checked all i had to read to get up to speed...i just froze out...lol. I plan to dedicate one weekend to catching up.

    @ aloted

    We sure cant ... can we? I'm doing great , and you? rgards to d fam dr

  6. I love the way this poem rhymes........

  7. I love the poem,i think its about the pursuit of happiness, a pursuit of something new. i enjoyed every word of it. keep it up