Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It wasnt one of those days....Today, D and I were like sandpaper and wood, Almost every action he took grated against my nerves and made me brittle as i tried to hold back words I wouldnt even dream of uttering out loud.

For some reason, he wanted to be everywhere i didnt want to be and there was not the option of my leaving him to do his thing, while i did mine...We just had to do everything together.

I guess the fact that i was uninterested made me forget all of the places we went and even the people we saw there, save for the last place and the last man.

We had stopped over at a resort to....
Ok, i dont remember what for...anyways, so there we were atthe resort and I remember d spending a lotta cash there, he even asked me to give him some more as he had run out, and when i asked if he would refund it later...Mr nobody who was sitting at the corner sipping on a drink asked me..

"Does he have to return it?"

i dont know why i felt i owed him an explanation cos first things first, i dont know him from Adam, but...

"I dont usually do this but he's just spending so much and i wont be a part of that, so he has to give a refund this time"

Mr Nobody chuckled in a rather irritating way and turned back to his drink ... i got really upset and next thing i knew, i was in the car...driving off without D.

So there i was, driving along the really messed up roads, alone with my thoughts and wondering why the government was in the habit of tearing up the roads without fixing it up properly when they were done with watever they were doing. 

Everybody kept to the left lane which was moving real slow, at first , i trailed along , but after a bit,i took a look at the right lane and, though it was in a worse condition compared to the left, it still was motor-able, so i turned off and took to the right lane...I started out at a moderate speed but then, the bumps didnt feel so bad so i sped up a bit more.

I dont know for how long i was on that lane, but the next thing I remember was seeing the begining og a chasm ahead of me and i knew, no matter how hard i stepped on the brakes, there was no stopping me now.

I got to the edge and felt that brief moment of weightlesness as the car was suspended in space for half a second. Three things ran through my mind then:

1. i love You Jesus
2. Do i have enough time to call D and tell him
3. Ah...finally,i get to taste for myself what life after death really is like

I opened my eyes to the back of his head...smilled and snuggled closer to him for some reason, there was not the fast beating of my heart that usually followed such dreams

"Morning baby" D said

"I dreamt i fell off a really deep canyon..." and i went on to tell him the story

"I guess He's trying to tll you to be patient love"

"I guess so too" i replied as i dove deeper into the covers while mouthing the words...."Father, teach me how, cos i dont know how"

PS: This was my dream last night/this morning

PSS: Nope...I'm not hung up on, its just by chance that this is the secon time i'd blog about it


  1. na wa oh. i was so scared for you eh,i was waiting for you to say how many bones thatwere broken.

  2. Please be patient ooo, that was a scary dream. It's good to wake up to someone else after one of such. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. scary dream indeed...

    we all need patience isn't this business called marriage and other aspects of life.

    hope u good?

  4. As you continue to turn to Jesus He will bring the fruit of patients out of you...What a great dream :) God is working in you!

  5. ...Thank God it was a dream. That was a real lesson. I am taking alot away from it with patient wiv ur baby

  6. "Wait on Me, for I am in You," He says.

  7. phew.. only a dream...... patience is key though... always was, and will be ..

  8. Ah! For a moment there, I thought it was real.

    Patience is really a decision to hold back and stick it out....God help us.

  9. Thank God it was just a dream
    I held my breath for a second there.
    We have a father that woudl always teach us, and show us the way to go, you have asked Him.
    I beleive God is already helping you .....and patience woudl soon be your second name

    Anyway, Ilove the way you put this inot writing, I enjoyed reading it.

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  11. wooo!

    you had me right there!

    I was breathless reading to find out what was gonna happen and it was a dream!

    Nna girl, u sabi make person heart cut wit dis ya suspense oh!

  12. Sweetheart, be patient o! He who believes will not make haste...
    I initially thought it was real...