Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Touched by the Fathers love.....Our love story

Its thanksgiving again and Daveda though of a great project we could all be a part of :

Post your testimony on your blog page. Entitle it "Touched By The Fathers Love!; Whatever the title of your post is." Then, add your post (copy and paste the address of that particular post so that the widget links directly to it) to the Mr. Linky widget below. Make sure you start your post explaining what we are all sharing and add a link back here so that others can join in.

I'd known Him for a long while now...heck since i could speak and understand i'd know His name, spoken to Him, read about Him, and been told about Him....I knew His story so well, i could tell it over and over again...but i never really KNEW Him.

We had a brief relationship while i was in high school....that was when i could say for sure that i KNEW Him. I spoke with Him and He spoke back, it was awesome...but then, somewhere along the line...we fell apart...i got so consumed with being someone and belonging with the "high class" i just didnt find time for Him anymore.

Then December 31st, 1998, i remember being in church for the watchnight service...hanging out with my friends and family and it just hit me...i couldnt go on with our relationship being hot and cold...on and off, and right there, right then was the day i found my way back to my first love...It wasnt the first time i was meeting Him but it was the most memorable in our relationship, cos that was the day it hit me that He was my water in the desert, He is the one peson i kow i can NEVER live without...He is my all in all. He is my love and i love Him this day and forever more.

Happy thanksgiving everyone

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It wasnt one of those days....Today, D and I were like sandpaper and wood, Almost every action he took grated against my nerves and made me brittle as i tried to hold back words I wouldnt even dream of uttering out loud.

For some reason, he wanted to be everywhere i didnt want to be and there was not the option of my leaving him to do his thing, while i did mine...We just had to do everything together.

I guess the fact that i was uninterested made me forget all of the places we went and even the people we saw there, save for the last place and the last man.

We had stopped over at a resort to....
Ok, i dont remember what for...anyways, so there we were atthe resort and I remember d spending a lotta cash there, he even asked me to give him some more as he had run out, and when i asked if he would refund it later...Mr nobody who was sitting at the corner sipping on a drink asked me..

"Does he have to return it?"

i dont know why i felt i owed him an explanation cos first things first, i dont know him from Adam, but...

"I dont usually do this but he's just spending so much and i wont be a part of that, so he has to give a refund this time"

Mr Nobody chuckled in a rather irritating way and turned back to his drink ... i got really upset and next thing i knew, i was in the car...driving off without D.

So there i was, driving along the really messed up roads, alone with my thoughts and wondering why the government was in the habit of tearing up the roads without fixing it up properly when they were done with watever they were doing. 

Everybody kept to the left lane which was moving real slow, at first , i trailed along , but after a bit,i took a look at the right lane and, though it was in a worse condition compared to the left, it still was motor-able, so i turned off and took to the right lane...I started out at a moderate speed but then, the bumps didnt feel so bad so i sped up a bit more.

I dont know for how long i was on that lane, but the next thing I remember was seeing the begining og a chasm ahead of me and i knew, no matter how hard i stepped on the brakes, there was no stopping me now.

I got to the edge and felt that brief moment of weightlesness as the car was suspended in space for half a second. Three things ran through my mind then:

1. i love You Jesus
2. Do i have enough time to call D and tell him
3. Ah...finally,i get to taste for myself what life after death really is like

I opened my eyes to the back of his head...smilled and snuggled closer to him for some reason, there was not the fast beating of my heart that usually followed such dreams

"Morning baby" D said

"I dreamt i fell off a really deep canyon..." and i went on to tell him the story

"I guess He's trying to tll you to be patient love"

"I guess so too" i replied as i dove deeper into the covers while mouthing the words...."Father, teach me how, cos i dont know how"

PS: This was my dream last night/this morning

PSS: Nope...I'm not hung up on, its just by chance that this is the secon time i'd blog about it
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Friday, November 6, 2009

I dunno......

 I've been AWOL for so long pple, and i've missed every single one of much to write about but for some reason i cant get the words out...i've been blog hopping but find it hard to leave comments...its a season, and it'll pass soon. 

Enjoy the story below...hope its makes and interesting way to start the weekend

I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do but my friend Doris was certain it was.

“You’ve been barren for 8 years now and you have tried everything to no avail. Isn’t an unsure decision a better option than no decision at all?”
I was not sure of how my husband would take it. I knew men didn’t take kindly to such, particularly a free thinker like my husband. But men being what who they were did not care so much, even about critical issues as this.

“Don’t worry; it is until your husband knows how much you have put into this that he will appreciate how dearly you want this child. Moreover the man is not a juju man. He is just a herbalist”
I tried thinking of the differences between juju man and herbalist but it all seemed like one person to me- the red garbed scary man we saw in home movies who usually perpetuated evil acts and ended up dying by Holy Ghost fire or nemesis.

My mind was very disturbed. Doris’ compelling insistence had won eventually and she’d come to pick me from work after I had feigned a fainting spell during lunch.
“The weekday is the best time to go so you don’t have to lie to your husband- he would not find out anyway”

“Doris!” As if she knew what husbands were?

She was my best friend; we were both thirty-six and the longest relationship I had a recollection of her having barely lasted six months. Now here she was teaching me about what husbands wanted.
I sat in her car, thinking as she drove: all the years of Sunday school, absolute faith in God, sermons of heaven and hell and fiery reprisals started to haunt me. As it pulled me in all directions, I remained still- he is just a herbalist I found myself saying self reassuringly. He is not a juju man.

We eventually arrived the place and against a certain compelling inner will, I walked behind Doris (albeit apprehensively) into the small bungalow tucked in-between a failed bank building that had been shut down and a barber’s shack. No 37 hung unsuspectingly askew from the number panel.
We took two steps down into along corridor, turned a right and stopped at a door.

For your spiritual healing powder,
Love rings, money power,
Contact Papa Shingo. Herbalist power, no evil. 07028336104

I squinted my eyes to read the sticker on the door. Before us stood a clean shaven middle aged man, naked to the torso wearing only shorts- with an entanglement of chest hair that looked like termites clinging to a mound.
I averted my gaze quickly from his chest to catch his eyes but I noticed his eyes dipped slightly below my crucifix pendant. As he welcomed Doris who apparently was no stranger to him, I shifted uncomfortably.

“Can we sit? Your spiritual highness.”
“Oh yes, sit, I dey come”

Doris motioned me into one of the cushion chairs in the small sitting room where we were ushered into. I sat nimbly on the edge of one of the chairs waiting for a moment to express my discomfort to Doris but she had chosen to sit opposite me across the centre table, denying me the opportunity of a side whisper.

The man came back in with a bowl of leaves and some other objects I could not identify and gave it to me to whisper into the bowl what my problems were. All the while he did not take his eyes away from my cleavage. As I spoke into the bowl, I looked up more than once to catch his lewd gaze.
I finally gave the bowl back to him after mumbling inanities into the weird salad bowl.
“I’m done sir”
“Sir? It is your spiritual highness my daughter”
“Your spiritual highness”

I looked at the man who would only be a few years older than us.
My daughter? I sat closer to the edge of my chair, disgust beating hard against my chest.

After receiving the bowl he sat on a chair that looked like a throne and closed his eyes as he sang an esoterically worded song that screeched at high octaves with a constantly recurring word- Shumba.
After the freak show, he opened his eyes and looked into my eyes for the first time that afternoon.

“My daughter you are looking for child?”
“You will baff”
“Hmm! you will baff”
I strained my ears to hear him.
“Your problem is spiritual one and we will use spiritual soap to wash it away. You will come on Friday at 12 night-vigil to baff. After the baff all the problem will disappear. You will get a child”

I saw Doris nodding her head at his every stressed consonant giving me that I-told-you-he-was-powerful

look. As he finished, we all paused: I bewildered and Doris reverently listening, apparently lost. Doris finally broke the silence.
“Ok your spiritual highness, she will come on Friday. Here is something we brought”

As Doris put her hand in her purse, the man motioned her not to worry.
“Just bring her, Friday. She will baff? Hmm we will baff her and she will get a child”

I did not speak a word to Doris on my way back home. Even though she spoke of how the man had cured his current wife (the third) of 10 years barrenness and eventually ended up marrying her.

As I held on to my husband (maybe a bit too tightly later that night) I had a dream where a large lizard with saliva drooping from it mouth kept looking at my naked body and shouting,
“You will baff”

I got this from a friend and really wanted to share...kindly show him some love here on blogville.

Have a great weekend y'all