Saturday, September 26, 2009

Finish Strong

I watched as his feeble arms held on, as tight as he could, to his sons his weak lifeless legs, dangled beneath...i gently swiped the tears away from my eyes as my thoughts wandered to you.

I remember how you told me that day in that cynical yet sweet way that is you that you would rather pass away while still in control of yourself, rather than be dependent on another human being, i remember laughing silently within as i wondered if you believed for once that you held the key to life or death.

I could imagine your fears, you...THE MAIN MAN, strong and independent. You, whose deepest expression for us was the handshake that we've grown used to (we still laugh about it behind your back you know). You fear that the day should come where you'd have to depend on us...this is just to tell need to fear.

We've all had our ups and downs, but our wounds have healed and our pain is forgotten, all that's left is the joy of having you in our lives.

I thank God for you cos because of you, i am strong today, because of you, i am a fighter, because of you, i not only survive but i soar...i owe me to you and each day i tell myself...God gave me you.

So Daddy, no need to fear for tomorrow, cos if God lets you see many more years, and on earth you grow weak and fragile, know that these arms of love would carry you, this heart of mine would love you, this child of yours and all her five siblings would be by you....till the last day.

You have your flaws, yet i would never be who i am today had i not had you as MY FATHER

(To my eccentric, cynical, yet wonderful father - we love you)


  1. Forgiveness is divine. Mhhh,rily dnt ave wot 2 say.

  2. This is a great, heart felt but thoughtful tribute.

    First time visiting and I've added you. Nice blog!

  3. There is no greater joy in life than a child who is there for you.
    He is very proud of you i am sure.

  4. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! This is so lovely yet so touching. There is no better time to express ur love and dedication to someone (especially a father) than when he is still alive. I hope you read this post to him :-)

  5. This was a wonderful tribute to your pops. I am sure he is proud.

    Thanks so much for sharing this touching and personal writing.

  6. Okay...I gotta be strong...this post must not get to me...

    Darn it! I dropped a tear!

  7. @ Fragilelooks
    Forgiveness sure is divine n life is too good not to enjoy it...good times n bad times

    @Myne Whitman
    Thanks a bunch, i'm going over to urs once i'm outta here...i guess in many ways, he deserves it

    I'm sure he is too, flaws n all, he made us all strong men and women

    @ Rita
    Hmm, that's a good idea, awkward but worth it...I'd save the thought for the new year...though i know i wont read it to him, probably just slip it in a card

    He sure is God put it in his genes when he was being

    Aww u did...makes 2 of us

  8. "Even to old age, I [am] HE, and unto hoary hairs I will carry [you]: It is I that have made, and I will bear, and I will carry, and will deliver." Isaiah 46: 4

  9. Very touching. I hope and pray that my children when I have them feel the same way about their father.

  10. Wow...........
    Oh my God!.....This is so sweet.
    I hope your Dad got to read a copy of this.
    He would be proud of you his children.
    I am inspired.

  11. This is such a nice tribute to your dad...hope he gets to see it!

  12. @David C Brown

    This passage is so right, even if we as humans fail him when the time comes, we have a God who would never fail him


    Daddy's girl aren't, well Fathers sure are great...but best?...hmm, i guess to some of us. How're u doing dear, u've really been silent o

    @Nice Anon

    I'm sure they would cos Mr Nice anon would have irresistible charm

    @Olufunke said...

    I must confess he hasn't yet, but I'm working on it


    Bcos i harassed u ehn?, good to see u bak on here

    @ Rita

    I've been great dear, welcome bak