Monday, August 10, 2009

Sail Away

Friday was "D's" birthday and it was real fun

I set him up and took him sailing.

It was beautiful, romantic....just perfect if i may say

I wanted it to be so different from the other birthdays he's had

and it sure was.

The sea, a wonderful dinner, champagne, but most of all, the glow on his face

What else could i ask for?

Happy birthday again boo.

Its just my way of showing how great a gift you've been to me.

Like i always say....IT COULDN'T HAVE BEEN ANYONE ELSE....xoxo


  1. Sweet...thanks for your comment on my blog.

  2. awwww.... nice one, i never thought of this. I like stuffs like dis.

  3. Awww, I think that was very thoughtful of you. I wish my own boo was in d country...*sigh* LDR is a

  4. awwww that was sweet of you. i can see you changed your layout, not bad..

  5. very thoughtful. Happy birthday to your man!

  6. @ Believer

    You're welcome dear...those words do inspire

    @ downtheaisle

    A friend kindda dropped the idea in my head and there just was no turning back after should try it for yourself too, its really lovely and serene

    @ UnderCover07
    LDR really is a feel you, its crazy when Di has to travel weeks cos of work, cant wait for him to be home more often

    @ BSNC

    I felt real good especially cos he loved every bit of it...yeah, i think i prefer this layout better. tnxs and a big welcome back

    @ Piscean

    Tnxs a bunch also for stopping over....i'm off to urs

  7. jhazmyn, this looks wonderful! I am so glad you both had a wonderful time :) Where exactly is this at?

  8. What a sweet way to honor a beau's birthday!

    How come u no post pictures?

  9. I cannot imagine a better birthday present...aren't u so thotful and!

  10. Yeah! You are definitely a romantic!

    Mine's birthday is a month away and you've given me some serious ideas.

    Do you mind if I send you a mail for details? *wink*

  11. @ Daveda

    Thanks Dear, its in Lagos, Nigeria.


    No mind me o...most of the other pictures have the both of us in them, i guess i aint ready for that

    @ Rita

    Thanks Girl, it made my day to see him have such a great time

    @ Enkay

    I try,, pls do, I'd be hoping to read from you soon then

  12. Awww...this is so roMANtic...kudos!

    i certainly have to come for tips from you o...Baale's bday is in Nov and omo i need to make a plan!!!!

  13. sweet!

  14. Fun times..very thoughtful too!
    Sailing is always fun,no doubt.

  15. @ aloted

    You need to make plans, its sure is a great idea, you should try it, even if its not for his birthday

    @ Chari

    Tnxs a bunch, the intention was to be

    @ blogoratti

    No doubt at all

    @ Buttercup said...

    Sure is....

  16. So sweettttttttttttttttt

    I 'm sure your man enjoyed himself and is thankful to God for giving him a lovely woman like you
    You sure are romantic! ( feeding me with some ideas)
    May God grant you both many more beautiful and blissful years ahead


  17. Funke, he totally deed o, thanx for the prayers and a big AMEN too. thanks for stopping over here