Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Joke* is 28, she’s been dating Dayo* for two years now, about a year into their relationship they realized they were both of the AS genotype, they decided at some point to separate based on this, but after two painful months apart, they got back together again. They are about to get married and have decided that when they decide to make a family, they would “simply ascertain the genotype of every fetus conceived and if SS they would have a D&C…

I’m AS he’s AS, should I stay, should I go?

Judith* is a woman of 25, engaged to be married to her first love in 4months. Two months ago, while at her friends flat, a gang of armed robbers attacked them and she, along with 5 other girls in the compound were raped. For some reasons she didn’t work up the confidence to meet with a gynecologist and have her system flushed early enough and now, she’s facing the choice of having a D&C which she has always felt so strongly about or carrying the baby in her womb to term, a choice her partner would not even entertain…

Can I live with this continuous reminder for the rest of my life?....and if yes, If he loves me, he’d understand my decisions….right?

Daniella* is a woman in her early 30’s, she’s been married for 2 years now and all this while she and her husband Bode have been trying for kids. She found out she was pregnant and registered for the first time ever with a hospital. After carrying out several tests, she found out that she had cardiomyopathy, a heart disease, and they were advised to terminate her pregnancy as she was at risk of loosing her life if carried to term.

I’ve waited all these years, so what if the woman who died was a Christian, maybe she didn’t have enough faith, afterall if God has blessed me with this child, He’d keep me….right?...

Pricilla* is a mother of four, three boys and a girl, aged between 7 and 2years old whose husband lost his job about a year ago and has since resorted to driving a cab after failed attempts to get another job. She, having never completed her education, has been trading to make a living. The past year has been rough and they have had to move to a less expensive apartment and change their children’s school to one, more affordable. Few days ago, she took a home test and found out she was pregnant, she says they had been careful and she’s clueless as to how this could have happened, they barely struggle to live day to day and she and her husband know they cant afford another child now. She spoke with her doctor and he suggested a D&C. She feels stuck at a crossroad, she can’t afford the baby, yet she doesn’t think she can abort it either...

Anything can happen; things might just take a turn for the better, right?...

I know two of this women personally and I must confess, although I have preached strongly against abortion, I found myself in a tight corner when I spoke with them and heard their story....

The question now is….Is abortion sometimes the right choice?...

* not their real names


  1. ok for the second story ehn..i will say abortion is not necessary o..yes if the man loves her, he will stay and they can both raise the child as the biological parents.

    for the first hmmmm...i dont advised they stay married if that is the option they r willing to take if the child is SS, so i think its either no marriage or no abortion..not the 2.

    The last story, there is nothing wrong in giving birth and givin it up for adoption...infact to me, and abortion for that one is not even an option. There r alot of pple looking for children to love and care for so she can deliver and give it up.

    in all i think abortion is only right if the child will harm the mother herself, but that is medically im speaking o...dont really kno it well enuf from the christian side cuz the bible said "thou shall not kill", he dint really give us instances and all...so i dont think we can ever really kno...except obviously when God speaks to one directly.

  2. yayyyy me...I am sooo first!!
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  3. i never preach abortion or preach against it.
    abortion is a personal thing...a personal decision..she should simply do what she wants to do.

  4. I am definitely pro-life. I choose life. I do not support abortion

    The cases are all not the same, and in ALL we do, we should check our motives and not be selfish in our decisions. if having a baby would harm a mother, then it could be considered.

    I agree with Gee on this.

    For the lady that was raped, me I am like you o..... don't know what to say, in as much as I would not support abortion, bringing that 'kind' of child on to the world, be as e get.

    As for the both AS adults, they are consciously entering into a marriage with a decision to 'kill' every child that is an SS ( due to no fault of the unborn child), parents married for their own pleasure i.e they loved each, killing a child for that reason is a NO - No.

    As for the 'poor' people killing a child so that life can be a bit 'easier' for them is also a No No.
    People are looking for children to love and take care of

    but in all, I really must say I understand all these cases are difficult, I am not being insensitive. but how far can we go if we allow sentiments on issues as grave as keeping a human being alive or terminating its life.

  5. wow these situation are really tight. I honestly don't know what to say..

  6. i like to bliv that i am pro-life, but u neva know till u r backed against a corner.
    In the end, it is a personal decision u r going to live with for the rest of ur life.

  7. Truly, everyone's situation is different but in every situation, if the parties involved can honestly rule out selfishness then it might be permitted.

    I definitely am pro-life. Apart from the lady whose life is endangered, all the rest, in my opinion, have questionable motives.

    Why should the baby be the one to suffer?

  8. Hmm guess this is a grey area...

    for the record i am against abortion cuz i believe God has a purpose for every child doesnt matter under what circumstances they were conceived but to each his own. I dont think humans should determine the fate of another human being. Only God should.

    i really dunno wat to say to each scenario (oh for scenario 1, pls DONT GET MARRIED, THAT ONE NA CLEAR CUT CASE O...SHU!OR BETTER STILL ADOPT. IMHO) cuz i am not in their shoes..but all i can say is we all make choices in this life and we must be ready to deal with any consequences that comes with it, d&c inclusive.

  9. oh and for the rape issue..i know of a pastor whose mum was raped and everyone told her to abort him but she didnt..now he is achieving his purpose on this earth..buttressing my point about every child conceived has a purpose on earth.

    so like Olufunke i am not being insensitive but we should check our motives.

    May God help us all.

  10. Hello,

    I find these stories heart breaking, having said that decisions would need to be made.

    Life is easy, we that partake in it make it difficult with our "should I" or "should I not". I guess, we ought to enjoy it more.

    Everyday we find ourselves taking decisions, that is what living is all about. I can guarantee you that we will never get it 100% right. However, decision we must take and stick with it.

    Who am I to advise? I can only empathise and advise them all to do what they think or feel is right and be ready to live with the "joy" of it all.

    Sitting on the fence, you may say so.....

  11. It's not for anyone to take a life...i am pro life. I know some situations are easier imagined...but i believe that every child has a purpose and it should not be terminated...
    If the woman's life is in danger, it might be permissive but for selfish reasons, it's a NO NO.

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  13. Tough and delicate situations i must say. We all know the ideals with Christ and that sometimes they are unpopular to follow. There is always room for the miraculous. AS becoming AA, not having to lose mother nor child is achievable.There are no impossibilities with God. Pro-life is Gods vote anyday.

  14. Wow.. This is sad.. Inf act I'm speechless. I will advice she pray about this. I'm sure God will direct her accordingly.

  15. wow, I'm not even going to venture into this discussion but I wish these ladies the best of luck in making their decisions.

  16. oturugbeke...i believe i am pro-life but on this cases,i just wanted to let u know i read d post.
    like FFF wrote somewhere,lemme go and pick my jaw from the ground where it fell first..

  17. I believe that if each person faced with these difficult situations turns to Father and asks for His wisdom , He will show them the way.

    Sometimes women think that abortion is the easy way out or the quick fix to a problem. But, living with this decision for the rest of your life may not be so easy. Wondering what your child may have looked or what kind of personality he/she may have had. Living with the guilt of your decision...all sound hard to me.

    I think that the impossible is always possible with Jesus.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your encouraging comment on my blog! I appreciate you :)

  18. Hello Again, I have an award for you if you would like to stop over and pick it up.
    Blessings, Daveda

  19. If anyone is found in this situation, I believe that they should seek THE FATHER for wisdom.
    God clearly states in His word that "thou shalt not kill" and abortion is terminating a life i.e murder.

    The guilt of a murder lasts for a long long time and it's very hard to deal with.

    These situations do really put one in a tight corner but one always has to lok at the big picture and not just the self-ish aspect!

  20. I am strongly against the idea of abortion, not for religious reasons but there are so many childless couples out there that it doesn't seem fair not to bring the one you have into this world, these ladies are in bad situations and abortions would be the easy way out, I am not saying they should not go ahead with it, I am just saying I would not do it.

  21. I read a book by francine rivers i think it was scarlet thread im not sure now that changed my views on abortions, I can only say that when we are faced with decisions of life and death we should always choose life!
    Being in someone elses shoes makes a difference most of the advice proffered may not count if you have never been in such situations!
    At such times, only God can help show you the way and give you peace about your decision!

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