Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Boko Haram

I've followed this story through the past week and my emotions have moved from sadness, to fury, to incredulity, that right now i don't even know what to feel.

For a group to rise up and decide that the way forward is to enforce its belief system on a whole nation is a though too ludicrous to even consider, yet this is the aim the Boko Haram sect has set out to achieve as one of their leaders was quoted to have said "We do not believe in western education. It corrupts our ideas and beliefs. This is why we are standing up to defend our religion"....(Abdulmuni Ibrahim Mohammed, in an interview with Reuters after his arrest in Kano State)

According to the president..."I want to emphasize that this is not an inter-religious crisis and it is the Taliban group that attacked the security agents first. "What has happened is that it is the government that has moved to nip the action in bud of a potentially dangerous people. "These people have been organizing, penetrating our society, procuring arms, learning how to make explosives and bombs to disturb, confuse and force their belief on the rest of Nigerians,

"We will begin with a little background story on how the crisis snowballed into this current ugly situation. A certain group of Islamic fundamentalists, led by one Mohammed Yusuf had in the recent past been engaging in some suspicious activities with security implications. The group named Boko Haram is rabidly opposed to all forms of western education and civilization.

"They consider as their primary target for attacks, law enforcement agents, critical public infrastructure and centers of worship which in their view are opposed to their doctrines. It has been ascertained that the group did not emerge just of recent.

"They have been in existence as far back as 1995 under different names such as Ahlulsunna wal'jama'ah hijra. Security agencies have over this period been monitoring and containing their activities even when they transmuted to other names but with the same doctrine of intolerance.

"In recent days, the Boko Haram’s primary targets have been Nigerian government representatives and symbols.Their goal is not to overthrow the government but to prohibit alcohol, prevent girls from going to school, ban Western-style education, impose Islamic dress codes and to enforce sharia,”

In the midst of this mayhem, The president, Umaru Yar'adua, leaves Nigeria for a state visit to Brazil. "While speaking at the airport, he said the crisis in the North would be brought under control. This he affirmed by deploying security forces to control the situation. He disclosed this after holding a meeting with all Defense Chiefs to this effect. "I have just finished meeting with our Defense Chiefs who have been in constant contact with the governors of Borno, Bauchi, Kano and other states," he said. "There has been very serious action. In fact, we have the situation under control now and I believe by the end of today everything will have taken shape.

This he said several days back.

I'm not one to point fingers at the government, I stopped wasting my time on this practice a long time ago but with this response, I beg to comment that it would have been better for the president not to have said a word than to have made this comment.

He claims that they are in control of the situation, yet the leader of this sect, who according to BBC (with pictures to back this up) was captured alive, was said to have been shot dead by the police while trying to evade capture, to me I think this reeks of the attempt of the police or whoever to cover the tracks of the actual sponsors behind this movement.

What happened to "rule of law" which he so strongly advocated when he first took seat, why wasn't this guy brought before a court of law and tried legally, even if we say our judicial system is corrupt, does that now mean we should ignore it totally

Also, if indeed this sect wishes to ban western education then why in Gods name are they riding in SUV's and speaking on cell phones and making use of high level technology weaponry? Why don't they just stick to riding on camel backs, using foot men to send information to and fro and making use of just machetes, bows and arrows, at least that way their cause would have more credibility.

I am totally appalled at the mental state of northern Nigeria because to me, this cause is totally senseless, at least I can still make sense of the Niger-delta crisis. What happened to the days of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and Ahmadu Bello, the days when the leaders of the north led with true character rather than divide them into social sects? These days what we have is a few wealthy and educated northerners and a great number of backward and unexposed ones. I'm not even sure what direction this post is heading towards exactly, all i know is that this is just totally insane and to some extent, so stupid that it makes me wonder if its worth it struggling to hold this Nation together. Other countries have been divided and I think they are the better for it.


  1. It's all very appalling to say the least!
    Some insider ensured that the Yusuf guy got killed so that no one would get to the bottom of the issue.

    I have no words honestly. They don't want western education that's why they'll forever be backward.

    Let them keep their backwardness to themselves and not try to impose it on the rest of us for goodness sake!

  2. It is just too disturbing to think about..just when we thought we were moving FORWARD! How've you been btw?