Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back In Your Arms

Like a suckling child, taken from its mother
Passed from the hands of one to another
Each searching for ways to satisfy
Each trying so hard to pacify.

I struggle and kick, wail and scream.
Each move i make, i feel pain extreme.

Irritable, Uncomfortable, Famished and in need.

Then You came, arms stretched towards me

Within Your bosom i found my peace

I drank my fill till it began to overflow

Sweet Holy Spirit, Your presence i know

This post is inspired by a wonderful experience that started since Sunday....The Holy Spirit has opened my heart anew and i feel like I've never really known Him until now. There's just no feeling that can compare to the wonderful feeling of my heart being opened to this new understanding of my God...i want it to only get better, cos just like a baby who has felt separated from its mother even when she's just in the room next door, feels content and total calm within her arms when she steps out, i feel like i never want to leave this place...Thank You, sweet Holy Spirit, Thank You


  1. getting closer to God is a continuos process, and each step closer to him is so beautiful and always good to remember. congrats

  2. In his presence,
    there is peace and joy!
    i long to remain in his presence!

  3. My life lately has been cluttered by busyness.

    I miss the depth I once had with HIM.

    Not that it isn't there at all, i just need refreshing.

  4. It is so wonderful when we experience a redemptive revelation of His love for us. May you continue to grow in the wonderful fullness of this great exceeding love He has for us. May we all!

    God Bless!

  5. make me wanna worship. This is so deep! I'm glad you're experiencing Him afresh!

  6. sometimes i actually feel like im getting farther and farther way from God....i liked your post.

  7. @ Have you any wool

    Thanks for stopping by dear, and like you said, each new step we take with God sure is beautiful, i always keep a journal to remind me at those times i feel low and out of touch

    @ chayoma

    To remain there forever and ever o...its just bliss

    @ Enkay

    You know girl, that's exactly how i felt before Sunday, lasgidi has a way of doing just that to us all, God sure makes all things beautiful in his time and I'm sure He'd do same for you too

    @ Daveda

    Amen and Amen over and over again
    I wake up and tell Him Lord i don't want this to ever stop but to grow and grow with each passing day, i want to be so consumed.

    @ Writefreak

    Go ahead then girl...its just wonderful


    Thanks girl, funny thing is i felt that way just before Sunday, so much clutter and so many things pulling my attention away...i guess He always has a way of calling us back to Him, His love just never lets us go

  8. May you continue to experience more of God...indeed it is a beautiful experience