Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kindda random

I'm excited...Finally, i'm wrapping up on phase one of my project and it seems like its going to come out real good.

Working on a musical project with a friend, and we've been on it since like forever, we've gone back and forth, edited and right now, i'm liking what i hear. Its been a crazy one though, cash and time constraints, my friend loosing her mom....but God has seen us through and finally, we're almost there

I've been so grateful to God lately, cos amazingly, even in the midst of crap, He's really been like my own Superman.

"D" and i are like closer than we've ever been, even with the fact that we see only on weekends

We decided to do joint family devotions even while he away, via internet calls, and although we've not gotten the hang of it yet cos he's tired most evenings, the few times (ok one time to be we tried it, it was a wonderful experience

I've got a friend willing to help circulate our single track once its totally tidied up

This month started in an amazing way, we've got opportunities coming our way, we're like almost overwhelmed, it feels great.

Anyways, that aside, its amazing how our ageing parents turn a new leaf when the kids are all gone and its just the two of them left, my dad had us all laughing last week with his attempt at being romantic, sent an sms to my mom and it read

"My wife, this week i speak into your life God's blessings and His presence would surround you in everything you do, doesnt sound romantic yeah? but i tell you, its a major milestone for him o, a major one, infact, its his first sms to her since he got his phone and that several years ago...well, after 35years, i'd give him credit, cant blame him though, with the last of his 6 kids leaving home in a few months, i guess he's finally realised that she's all he's got left.

Finally, i cant wait for "D" to be around more often, like this week, i feel so on fire but i have to wait till the weekend to douse that fire, told him yesterday, and he's trying to come home a bit early this week, today to be precise, i hope it works out well, hmmm, how do married couples living in different continents survive, i really give em kudos.

I've been extremely tired all week, i hope i rest it off this weekend, you all have a great weeeked ahead and congrats to the new father in blogville, Afronuts ,Timi, is just adorable and to all you may kids. Happy Birthday in advance


  1. Aww this is such a sweet post. I love the sms from your daddy!
    Kudos to you and D for making it.

    My husband and I lived in different countries for a year, it was really tough and I don't want it ever again.

    Your project sounds great. I wish you the very bset of luck and please keep me / us updated! Well done!

  2. wow..i wish you the very best as regards ur project...and just know that it can only get better..
    reli hapi for you..
    the lord is ur strength.. amen..
    i'll like to copy adaeze's first line..sweet post..

  3. lol yes its a sweet sms you dad sent to your mum.

    Glad you project is going well.

    Abeg try and rest, you need it.

  4. so you shall give us first servings of this track abi? I shall be waiting. And yea, God is our superman, our xtra xtra-caffeinated supernatural coffee because I honestly dont know where I get strength from each day.

  5. WOW.. Impressive...... Good to know the distance is working to make the times spent together more cherished......

  6. ur very strong cuz im not very good with LDRs, not to talk of marriage.... nice to know its going really well for u...

  7. Wow...Jhazmyn...I dint know u was married. Im happy to hear how closer u guys are getting.

    look on the brighter side...his absence is making u appreciate him the more. So dont feel bad about it..afterall, u'll still see each other again, its just for a while.

    joint family devotions...that's so nice and really good thing to do. I do it with wifey and Timi too.

  8. I'm in a LDR and I've already told him that when we do get married that I cannot live apart from's not possible for me ...not at all. Right now I don't mind ..well I do but it's for the best so we don't do any 'naughty stuff' lol

    So what is your project about? You sing? all the best hun

  9. @ Adaeze
    Thanks dearie, i tell you, i cant wait for all that to change and once i does, hope it'll be for good
    Would def keep y'all updated on the project, dont think i hav a choice in that one

    @ simeone
    A big AMEN!!! to that o

    He's getting better at it these days, he's really

    @ Omo Oba

    Yes o, servings of the first track shall be posted here, I'm not even sure you'd read this, i'd miss u but do enjoy Uganda

    @ akaBagucci
    Yes it is, at least this bad comes with its own dose of good

    @ Funms-the rebirth
    Dear, i had no choice but to get used to it o, i remember telling him while dating that LDR's were not an option for me, that once the guy travels, its over, 13months to our wedding, he travelled to Uganda for 7months, hmm, that was when i knew i had to get used to it o

    @ Afronuts
    Abi o, how's your adorable princess doing?

    @ Miss FlyHigh
    Girl, i do hope it works out for you guys o, its a real tough road to travel.

    Thanks a bunch