Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here goes....

Hmm, ok, seems like a simple task but for some reasons, i've been postponing it..anyway here goes

8 things Meme (Tagged by Bibi and Buttercup)

8 Things I look forward to

1. Being a mom
2. Completing the project i'm working on..and it being a blast
3. My sis wedding
4. Driving my own 4WD
5. My getaway for the year with my baby
6. Moving house
7. Moving to Abuja...Lasgidi get enuf stress
8. Being on stage..doing ma thing

8 Things I did yesterday

1. Prayed
2. Worried over my baby...he was on a trip and i didnt hear from him for quite a while
3. Called up a lot of friends i hadn't spoken with in a while
4. Took work home....arrgghhhh
5. Helped with my nephew...he's quite a handful
6. Studied the bible
7. Read another chapter from "The tipping point"
8. Rattled my mom's chain, just for the fun of it

8 Things I wish to do (and i'd work towards achieving)

1. Establish a foundation
2. Bungee jump
3. Learn to swim...can u imagine that i cant?
4. Build up my contact and clientell base and head out on my own
5. Go on a hair cut...Still trying to convince "him" its a cool idea
6. Maintaing my figure (or at least loose most of what was added) after child birth

8 shows I watch

1. Running In Heels
2. American Idols
3. Greys Anatomy
4. Split ends
5. Project Runway
6. Comedy Club
7. Desperate Housewives
8. Girlfriends

8 Bloggers tagged

1. Miss FlyHigh
2. Phoenix
3. UnderCover07
4. repressed one
5. Mz. Eniola
6. Omo Oba
7. My World
8. Enkay


  1. i think i need to call of friends i haven't spoken to in a while too..

    er.. you didn't finish oo

  2. 1st time here, I like ur blog. going over ur older post entries.

  3. When did you have a baby?

    Oh, I know what it's like worrying..this January I was here and my hubby was in Nigeria, travelling from Abuja to the East, his phone was off for almost 2 days I wanted to DIE of worrying..
    Hey, when you move to Abuja, you can practice swimming in any of the pools ;-)And I won't be joining you on the bungee jumping.God I don't know how anyone would want to do that! lolAnd hey another curiosity - being on stage? What's that all about? ;-)

  4. I didn't know you had a baby! Congrats!!!!

    Oh and I can't swim mom was too scared of water allow us take

    And wats with you being on stage?

    Thanx for the tag, will get to it over the weekend :)

  5. it was so hard to read the black font color..
    i love running in heels too and project runway!!!

  6. Hey hun , You tagggged me ...I was wondering who will dare do such a thing and there you go and do it lol i will do it soon...

    so u live in Lasgidi ??

    being on stage doing what thing? tell us now ...

    hmm that 8 shows thing ....when was the last time I watched tv sef ... so u have a baby awww cute! hope you maintain that figure hun ...u can teach me how to in a feew years x

  7. @ BSNC...u should, it was fun hearing all i've missed out on...errr, ur right u know...ok lemme finish now

    8 things i wish to do abi?

    7. Think of something to add as no. 7
    8. Be able to say i finished it....

    Pls accept it, i just cant think of anything

  8. @downtheaisle
    glad u like it, aww, now i'm blushing

    i dont have a baby yet o, i'm just planning to loose the weight ahead of
    guess i wasn't clear enuf, sorry for that guyz
    that worrying thing almost makes me go crazy, once, i even called his driver cos i couldn't reach him, the old man still makes fun of me whenever he sees me.

    stage...hmmm, well, lets just say its my pet project i'm working on and it has to do with singing...more details on that in the near future

    @ pink satin

    I'm so sorry bout the fonts, didn't realize how difficult it was to read it till i logged on now

    @ MFH

    yes o, i dared, looking forward to when u do urs
    Yes o, i live in crazy lasgidi...
    s for the loosing weight, i believe wen the time comes, i'd have few tricks up my sleeves

  9. jhazymn, u just didnt tag me, did u? ok, I have selective vision for this post. So, yes, I am also curious about the stage thing. so give us the 411 on that asap. yea, most Nigerians cant swim (yea, I just generalized) but our parents were too scared of the water to let us, as undercover said. YAY for weddings!!! I love weddings even if I'd rather have a small weddding for myself. girl, that hair cut might be the thing, surprise "him" !!! and whats up with everyone watching running in heels?

    Oh BTW - the font color of this post is rather blinding. took me old-self a while to read it.

  10. Eeya, hope ur baby is ok o?

    When i relocate to naija, i'd love to live in abuja..

    Good luck achieving all u want to!

  11. i cant swim also. :(

    meanwhile the font u used isnt clear..had to highlight.

    nice list!