Friday, May 22, 2009

This Place I'm at.....

....Is filled with moments of "here and there", "sweet and sour", "hot and cold",i guess we all find ourselves in this place sometimes, but somehow, in this place, i find that i'm mostly silent, and in my silence, i find the grace to come through...i always come through....hmmm, to be held by grace, its such a beautiful thing, i lie in my bed and sometimes, i sing, sometimes, i just reflect..i shamelessly let go, the anger, the tears, the overflow of whatever feeling wells up inside of me and then i feel like i'm held and soothed, comforted and assured.

Its in the feeling of quiet that surrounds my heart, its in the timely phone call, its in the scripture that comes to mind...Its simply His unwavering love for me

Anyways, my thoughts are a bit jumbled...i wrote this sometime today, i needed to speak to fears, doubts, frustration and i did, in my own way

There you are, once again,
Strutting in with your swagger so vain
Once again hoping to cause me some pain
But hear this; your plans will bring no gain

I feel the tear drops course down my face
Within the silent retreat of this place
Locked within Grace’s firm embrace
I turn to stare you in the face

I feel the sting, right where you struck
My heavy heart, she joins in your mock.
The clock comforts with its tick tock
Few minutes left for the crowing cock.

I rise so tall, I rise real sure
With charm and poise, I’m so assured
Don’t hear your bragging chants no more
Your subtle now, not like before

So yes, sometimes with you I struggle
My weary feet, sometimes may stumble
But when they fail, that’s when I fly
To heights unknown, I glide on high

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Essential vegetables for growth

This was supposed to go up with the "Holy vegetable" cartoon strip, but for some strange didnt appear after i clicked on "publish post".

I stumbled on the strip and just found it funny and childishly meaningful,infact, my nephew runs round the house screaming "have you eaten your holy vegetables today mummy" and strangely, she says, it keeps her in check as she does a mental review of her actions through the day.

Anyways, this here was inspired by my pastor, kindda like adding a personal touch to something we fall into the habit of tagging "spiritual attributes" most times.

So, here's my own version of the fruits of the spirit (holy vegetables, essential for in relation to our everyday life...enjoy

Gal 5: 22 - 23 (JT)*

What happens when we live Gods way? In the same way fruits appear on
an orchard, He brings into our lives such things as:

Our motive for the things we do and the choices we make being love
and genuine affection for others

An upbeat and positive attitude as a sad face chases money
away...believe me it does

Calmness in the midst of trouble and a worry free attitude...after
the worry, what next?

Persistence and staying power cos it aint always smooth sailing but
He shows us to stick it through as long as its the right path

The ability to focus on others and be a problem solver....enough of
me-me, don't let yourself get worn out by "you"

A generous and giving heart

The ability to be reliable and a person of
integrity....opportunities would come knocking if you're reliable
and stable


The proper attitude of treating people cordially and exhibiting
exceptional customer service, even when you don't feel like they
deserve it

The ability to break free from laziness and do what has to be done
as at when, to be self motivated.

So people, lets make up our minds to eat daily doses of our holy vegetables and build our selves wherever we fall short, as they say, life makes way for those who make up their minds.

Have a great week/weekend ahead y'all, and hopefully, more gist coming soon on the singing / stage pet project i spoke about in my "Here Goes" post.

* JT - Jhazmyn's Translation

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Own Version(cont)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here goes....

Hmm, ok, seems like a simple task but for some reasons, i've been postponing it..anyway here goes

8 things Meme (Tagged by Bibi and Buttercup)

8 Things I look forward to

1. Being a mom
2. Completing the project i'm working on..and it being a blast
3. My sis wedding
4. Driving my own 4WD
5. My getaway for the year with my baby
6. Moving house
7. Moving to Abuja...Lasgidi get enuf stress
8. Being on stage..doing ma thing

8 Things I did yesterday

1. Prayed
2. Worried over my baby...he was on a trip and i didnt hear from him for quite a while
3. Called up a lot of friends i hadn't spoken with in a while
4. Took work home....arrgghhhh
5. Helped with my nephew...he's quite a handful
6. Studied the bible
7. Read another chapter from "The tipping point"
8. Rattled my mom's chain, just for the fun of it

8 Things I wish to do (and i'd work towards achieving)

1. Establish a foundation
2. Bungee jump
3. Learn to swim...can u imagine that i cant?
4. Build up my contact and clientell base and head out on my own
5. Go on a hair cut...Still trying to convince "him" its a cool idea
6. Maintaing my figure (or at least loose most of what was added) after child birth

8 shows I watch

1. Running In Heels
2. American Idols
3. Greys Anatomy
4. Split ends
5. Project Runway
6. Comedy Club
7. Desperate Housewives
8. Girlfriends

8 Bloggers tagged

1. Miss FlyHigh
2. Phoenix
3. UnderCover07
4. repressed one
5. Mz. Eniola
6. Omo Oba
7. My World
8. Enkay
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