Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On a high

I'm on a high these days, i guess its cos I've finally gotten off my behind and begun to do the things i ought to (ok, save for the fact that i wont be going to the office tomorrow cos of my sis' introduction, and though i feel really guilty, I'm still not going).

I'm so on a high that i wake up each morning and i'm cackling with excitment, new ideas, calls to make, appointments to set, discussions to have with the boss man..

I'm so on a high these days cos i've found a way outta that state of limbo and have begun to set into motion those visions that keep me awake with fear, uncertainty and wonderings of how i'd fit them into my already busy schedule.

I'm so on a high these days, as i learn the things i need to do, discover the things and attitudes i need to drop (and actually make a move to drop them), and understand more and more the dynamism that's packed up inside of me.

I'm so on a high these days.....And its all because i know that i will and i can live those dreams...heck, the journey has already begun.

PS: I really wish this guilt would pass...its almost dampening my high


  1. you are really on a high and i hope it stays that way..

    lol don't feel guilty. you have to do what you have to do

  2. u feel guilty for skippin work for your sister's intro? i will do that a million times over and I cant understand the guilt!

  3. High Jhaz...LOL
    You should be happy to be off work,at least for your sister.
    Is so right to be high on your dreams,attitude etc though... No one can achieve dat but you babes.

  4. Discovering that you are actually able to take the necessary steps required to realize your dreams can sure put you on a 'high!'

    Go girl! Keep pushing forward.

    Let go of the guilt too. Trust the ceremony went well?

  5. I'm glad you're on a high! and lose that guilt already! How was the intro?

  6. I'm glad you're on a high! And please don't feel guilty..cmon :-)

  7. Thanks y'all, the intro was great, finally went to work though, lol, but left early enough to be of use at the event.

  8. Wow.. I was getting high myself reading this lol..good for u..