Monday, April 6, 2009


Hey D,

I guess you're somewhere along the highway now, your car covered in dust as you bounce through those rough terrains you've become used to with time. One hand on the steering and the other wrapped round a can of soda (do you agree with me now when i say you've become addicted?)

Sunday was great you know, the worship, the sermon, and you all decked up and looking fab in your dark suit as you served for the first time with the church protocol, you were so excited to finally be serving weren't you (so sorry i was so lazy to wake up to make the first service with you though).

You know, sitting here at my PC, i still feel the same way i felt yesterday. There's this silly smile splashed across my face, i feel like i'm floating on some cloud, my heart feels like its bursting, i'm singing, there's a bounce in my step, everyone's asking what's up with me cos i seem so different.

Singing "E ba mi gbe oruko re" (Help me lift His name up), that was when it hit me, the realisation that i live a blessed life, the realization of an amazing love story between the greatest man anyone could ever imagine and me, the realization of how hung up on me He is, so much so that He's given me His everything....praise took on a whole new dimension cos it was like getting a new understanding of what it meant to be called His own.

Then the preacher started the sermon...there i am, still wrapped up in gratitude, still overwhelmed by His love, still stunned into deep silence by new understanding.

"We'd be discussing Character and marriage", the preacher said....i didn't know what i had coming.

It wasnt until i felt the tears fall that i realised....oops, i was crying...yep, crying and laughing too, for all the time wasted in not being thankful for being me, not only to be cherished by the Godhead but also adored by the one that He calls his own, you.

The beauty of being me, totally favored, eternally blessed, kept withing the unshakable bossom, unmoved by the winds, unshaken by the storms and unperturbed by the "norms" of humanity, lovingly cooconed within that place I renew my springs that never dry up, gently loved into greatness and strength.

Of all the things i am thankful for, today i celebrate the greatest gift ever, the gift of the life which i live in Christ, and also, i celebrate the tender gift of pure love, your love.

I love you D, and like i always say, it couldnt have been anyone else.



PS: D has been going on and on about how boring my previous layout was and on sat he changed it...said he thinks this one suits my "nature", hope y'all like it better


  1. This is such a beautiful post!
    I was feeling the love so much i almost cried!

  2. writefreak oooooooo...second sha...

  3. simeone: why're in heaven's name are you shouting my name??? I could hear you in ma house!

  4. wow.. i really felt this..nice one j, and welcome to this place..i love ur blog already...keep 'em coming..

  5. I tried to comment on this yesterday but it never worked :(
    this was such a deep and beautiful letter!

    You are blessed and I am thankful you are so good at notecing it. Blogville is teaching me how to be more grateful, you being one of them :)

  6. @ Writefreak, i'm glad you felt it, i guess it was one of those moments wen i was just so overwhelmed by the goodness around me

    @ simeone, aww thanks, its a great place to be and i really liked you "actor no dey die" post. it was spot on

    @ Writefreak & Simeone...una don turn here to squabble avenua abi..was just laffin at ur

    @ Adaeze, yes o, infact i made a descision this year to count my blessings more, no matter how little and God has just been faithful all the way....what more can i ask of Him?

  7. this is such a heartfelt letter...

    nice one

  8. Awww..beautiful, just beautiful! :)