Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Memories...Days of being a brat

I’ve spent the greater part of today thinking over my life and how I’ve evolved. Being the last born I was so used to living my life for me so much so that even a baby was seen as a burden.

I can’t remember the date but the month was November and the year 2000, spoilt last born that I was, I had spent the better part of the day sulking and cussing my fate…

Afterall, I wasn’t there when her mum and day were playing “needle in the hay stack” so why should I be the one to play the part of baby sitter while the owners are out in town sorting out their “issues”

Everyone else was about their own business and I was stuck wit my lil niece of 7months.

The closest thing I’d baby-sat before then was my doll and even that was a good 11years ago.

Well, after getting over the “bad hand” fate had dealt me, I set about to do the job,

I cuddled her, put some more powder on her to make her smell lovely and fresh, sat on the floor and let her lean on my tummy as I set out to brush her hair (if I could call it that)

Three brush strokes later, the little thing let out a shrill cry that would make even the devil jump outta his skin,

Ok, ehmmm, this shouldn’t be so hard,
Where did I keep that bottle of food.... I get the bottle and just as the nipple gets into her mouth, she spits out a mouthful of milk into my face, I try two more times….same result, so that cancels out hunger right?

What else can I do? I stand up, put her against my chest and rock her gently as I sing to her (I’ve got a great voice so that should calm her)…na lie…she only increases her pitch in a bid to out “sing” me

Mum did say she loves being carried on the back, so I get a piece of cloth and the next thing I feel are her “devlish claws” digging into my skin, jeez, I never knew those things could cause so much pain

In the course of an hour, I tried rattles, teddy bears, teething rings, water….I tried everything I could think of but this child was determined to make me go mad.

So it wasn’t a surprise when I totally gave up sat on the floor in from of her and burst into tears asking the child in my most controlled frustrated voice
“I’ve fed you, rocked you, tried to play with you, carried you outside, what again do you want me to do ehnn, I’m tired, please cant you just stop crying”

…and that was the scene my poor mom walked into, shaking her head as she snatched the poor thing from where I’d left her and started cooing, few seconds later, that conniving mass of adorable fat stopped crying and I could almost swear I saw a glint of triumph in her eyes as my mom carried her in.

Nine years after, seven nieces and nephews, a home of my own later…I have totally grown (I get choice?)…lol


  1. lol that was funny. my sister you don't have a choice jo.

    lol i can't believe you burst out crying yourslef, i guess you were really fraustrated..lol

    have a lovely week

  2. haha!! not that i know wat ur talking about , iv always been great with kids (lielie)

    One day a woman left me to babysit for her kids, an 8 month old and 3 yr old.

    They were so rotten i was 5 seconds from pinching them when she came back.

  3. Ah this was funny! I on the other hand have always had a thing for babies maybe cos i'm a first child!

  4. Lmao...u rili burst out crying? I do dat too sha wen am frustrating to my wit ends...lol

    I guess dats wat maturing is all about.

    Take care!

  5. lol i liked this!
    We all continue to grow all throughout our life. When we are little, we can't wait to become "grown-ups" and think that then, everythings learned. But that's wrong.. When we become grown ups we wish we could experience childhood again and learn that life doesn't come with a manual. My grandmother of 93 is still learning every day she tells me.

  6. LOL..pele jare..
    It'll be so frustrating when trying to please Kids like that. Well it will only get better.
    Nice post dearie

  7. hehehe! Babies can be like that sometimes. I think they have a way of sensing 'mommy-ish-ness' in the people that carry them. lol!!

  8. @MFH
    Yes o, u r first

    @ BSNC
    Believe me, i was just clueless...i really dont have a choice jare, that's life

    That day was a turning point for me o, i gave myself a deadline to become a great sitter...i think i've done a good job of that, thankfully

    Good for you o, some of us learnt the tough way, its worth it though

    Believe me, i really did, tears n all (shameless me, lol)

    I guess one who refuses to mature and grow, refuses to live life, cos as u said, its what life is about

    Thanks for your understanding...lol, glad u liked the post

    I'm sure you cant even imagine it abi? come to think of it, what if i was applying as a house keeper for you, and that was TE i was carrying...LOL, u'd have kicked me out on my a#$ with immediate effect

    They sure do, for me, it took almost 2yrs after this incident to get so comfy around babies, now...its another story

  9. lol @ "conniving mass of adorable fat"!

    did u think to check her diaper?

    my sister was one of those people that totally loved babysitting. one day, one of her "packages" arrived, and she wasnt home. a while later the baby starts crying, i tried everything and he/she didnt stop. guess what bumight did?

    i locked the baby at home and went to call her! (yes, i left the baby at home by herself) lol

  10. bumight@ you're kidding me! Are you for real? you're mean!
    I remember though a kid i used to baby sit, i loved them but this one was just trouble...once his mother left, he would cry for ages...so one day i took him to my mum's room, put him on the bed and made sure he couldn't fall, and then i locked the door leaving him for a few minutes...he learnt his lesson, he jumped on me when i went back to carry him and from that day, he never cried when his mum was leaving!
    Who said babies don't know what they're doing! lol

  11. lol!!! confessions of baby sitting days are in progress I see.

  12. LOL! That was really funny..and the pics made it even funnier..hehehe

    I've never baby sat(?)..damn, I've never even changed a diaper!

    LMAO @ Bumight and Writefreak

  13. Lol @ Bumight..

    Can't say I blame you for just giving up..

    Them little angels have a way of pushing you to the extreme sometimes..