Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today was going to be about my hope list which i started

I hope...

1.To get my acts together, and fast too. really should not take D's (my very own Mr. A) patience for granted, with all my drama and darned short fuse

2.People would just stop asking when to start expecting "junior"...sheez, guys, y'all know i get paranoid easily, so one less thing to keep me awake at night please. moreover, i'd rather roll over, give a big sigh and smile rather than lie back and wonder if it happened this time (lol)

I got stuck on number two and realized I'd rather be thankful for

1.Having a hubby that i think is the worlds greatest, he's so mature about me and my drama, and his patience makes me want to be a better person in return. He's totally helpful, a great visionary and He's adorably caring, yet he's firm and solid...even his strong...God i love those arms

2.Having a job that i love, that has great returns and flexible timing

3.My sister (4 of em), rock solid women of character, strength and virtue. True amazons who have walked this journey with me and whose lives have colored mine in more ways than i can count

4.My cranky yet loving parents, i just love that duo, they never cease to amaze me

5.My friends who are like sisters. They have gone through rough patches with me and stood strong, they are never afraid to speak the truth, even when it hurts. Luv u girls

6.My weird boss, cos i think God put her in my life to teach me some good dose of patience and me in hers to teach her to mellow, she's got this temper issue, yet she's never lost her temper wit me, says she just cant bring herself to do that...hmm, wonder what i did, not that i'm complaining anyway.

7.My talents, i thank god always for them, and i hope to use them for the good of others

8.My love for what my mom calls "the fairy tale life" it makes me aspire and reach for greater things.

9.The many weddings happening around me this year, and to extremely special women in my life...gosh I LOVE WEDDINGS

10.My humble wheels..phew, i dont want to imagine bussing my route everyday..Thank you Lord

Its funny,i was having a real bad day earlier, some Mr&Mrs drama,...but i'm going through ALOTED's thankful list and i realize its better to count your blessing when you're feeling down, trust me, it really works. I feel better just realising that more is going right than wrong and i guess today would end better than i thought afterall

BTW, thanks YNC for the add and for the love shown to us newbie's ...much appreciated

As for AREWA, girl you crack me up

Hmm, its a great day afterall


  1. Such joy to have older sisters...,its something il 4ever be greatful for.

  2. "Its funny,i was having a real bad day earlier, some Mr&Mrs drama,...but i'm going through ALOTED's thankful list and i realize its better to count your blessing when you're feeling down, trust me, it really works."

    Now that is right on the money!
    It really does work! I practiced it early last week and as a result , I decided to do my own thankful post too. The result was a song on my lips and joy in my heart all day!

    I'm thankful with you for your hubby. Great husbands are heaven sent!

    Oops! Sorry for taking up so much space! lol! First time here!

  3. @ Phoenix, u can say that again..sometimes i think i owe who i am today to them

    @ Enkay, Its free space for all so take all u want girl...that's my way of saying a big welcome to u

  4. you have a lot to be thankful for; hubby, parents, sisters! u are blessed! don't mind all the people watching out for junior. like u said, enjoy the damn thing. the rest will come naturally!

  5. yea its good to be thankful. count your blessings and you will be amazed what God has done without even knowing it. thanks for stopping by my blog hut. thank goodness you are having a good day now.

  6. Yes oh...Count ur blessing sister..
    Cos many pple would love to be where you are..
    Be thankful dearie...
    Cool blog..First time here.. I will check back.. Have a fab weekend.

  7. Thank God for good husbands with big strong hands!!!

  8. hello lady..first time here..

    your hubby seems like a wonderful man..thank God for good husbands!

    hmm its not easy to be thankful sometimes but the lord has commanded it...

    will be back...thanks for stopping by mine

  9. Hi fellow Newbie!!!

    Yup being thankful allows us to see the half filled glass rather than the half empty glass.

    I'm thankful too for having a man who is patient and accepting of my drama n' mood Hpefully sumday we'll say "I do".

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Highly appreciated!

  10. Jhazmyn my fellow newbie I'm finally here. Took me some time things have been so busy but I am now following you :-) I had to laugh when I started reading this post. Last night in bed, I was thinking about what my next blogpost should be, and for a long time I wanted to start doing thankful posts, but I thought that I really want to do HOPE posts as well, and before >I know it you've already started it, lol. Have a great week. Thnk u for ur comment on my blog it was greatly appreciatd.

  11. one of the best thank you post ever...u really blessed.