Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"According to your faith, be it unto you."...Blessing or Curse

I've been asking myself this question since i heard it from the the passage being read this morning as i prepared for work...a seemingly simple question that has been to some a blessing and to others a curse.

A blessing for those of us that dare to dream, dare to believe and dare to hold fast even when others and situations tell us otherwise....Those who stare in the face of the storm and scream "though you rage and rage, i will hold fast to my dreams, and when you are spent of your fierce blasts, i will emerge and live my dreams, then dream bigger ones"

A curse for those of us that need the affirmation of the world we live in, and the physical evidence of our hopes, to succeed. Those of us who need to be told "i think it would work" before we believe that we can....what then is our lot, i ask, if those that surround us are those who lives have beaten to submission, those who are a function of the same fears that hold us down...for then, the things they see, are the same things that we see.

I got to the office and read the passage from "the message" translation and it says "Become what you believe." and i smile, cos i am not a function of the physical eyes, rather i am a function of what i dare to believe

So now, i ask myself over and over again...."according to your faith,be it unto you"..blessing or curse?

And boldly i like to answer....Blessing


  1. u r such a great writer, will like to know u more, who knows? we can do somethings together, i tried to follow ur blog, but cna tfind the link to that!

  2. tnxs Nkechi...whatever you have in mind, just let me know...cant think of any reason why the link was unavailable, do try again though, would love to have you follow my blog..after all, the more the merrier

  3. As many of us that would love to let the wings of our imaginations take flight, we find ourselfs atimes grounded by realities of previous experiences of failure. We tend to make our subsequent expectations as realistic as possible. How does one break out of this, even as one longs to lay hold on the immense promises of the Father?

  4. In response to Femi's post, I'd like to share a personal experience. Before now (and still in a very few instances of recent), I was ruled by what people thought of me. I based my expectations of today on the realities of yesterday and I failed constantly to hold on to God's promises. Rather, I held on to that of men.

    Over time, I came to realise that this was a big problem but I didn't know how to get out of it. I resorted to talking to people, asking them to pray with me and all that. It worked for a while until I found out that I had once again become dependent on those people and still not on God. My saving grace came from 1st Samuel 30:6 - 'And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.'

    I woke up after reading that scripture to the realisation that the only way to succeed was to encourage myself in God. So I prayed a prayer, I asked God to take away every form of help in my life that took away faith from me and replaced it with trust in man. After that prayer, I went through one of the most trying periods in my life but came out the strongest person I had ever been. I was stripped off every form of human reliance and when I felt I had been pushed down to the lowest depth, I did the only thing I could do at that point. I looked up to God and ever since then, it has been a beautiful walk of faith and grace in Him.

    Today, by His Grace, I'm no longer tied down by what I feel or what I see around me. I constantly encourage myself in God through His word and I learn better each day as I read God's word how much more I can be.

    Do doubts still occur in my heart? Yes they do each and every day but I shake myself once I realise that I am falling into that pit again and remind myself of God's word.

    Learn to get angry with anything that keeps you below God's plan for you. Walk with God and you will never remain the same.

  5. According to our faith, be it blessing or curse...I know that feeling early in the morning, the way you look at life or perceive frustrations could end up being a curse or blessing in the long run....lovely post